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  1. The First one is the intro, the second one is my character in Springvale on top of the Red Rocket, and the third one is my Megaton Home modded out. The bmp is my character kissing the female scribe in the FO3 Anchorage mod before running the sim.
  2. Just wanted to say thank you for a mod I tried called Bestial Essence for SE. It was fun to play, kudos to a good mod.

    1. Carabosse


      You're welcome :).

  3. I followed those steps, and then I used a sexlab sex marker to use. It worked like a charm!! Thanks guys!
  4. I tried OSA and I can't believe it worked perfectly! Awesome!
  5. Great work!

  6. 1) Bething in Skyrim w/out water. 2) Kissing 3) AP works just fine alongside SexLab Animation 1.63. ATTENTION! If any of these pictures are not allowed, just take them down! It said on Page 1 that nudity and sex were allowed, just follow Forum rules. Thank you for any notices. I will take down whichever ones you need to have removed.
  7. Do you have Animal SOS? If so its incompatible with certain mods concerning Creature Mods and Creature Framework.
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