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Video Pornographers of Skyrim


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I made this little tips and tricks guide on my tumblr. Anyone got stuff to add, or general insight on making vids?




A few tips and tricks for ppl looking to make their own videos! Usually filming a vid, depending on complexity takes me about 30 mins to an hour or two. Editing is usually 5-30 mins


Video recording software: I use FRAPS, it’s reliable and easy to use 

Video editing: Windows Movie Maker, by far the fastest (I have very little patience ^_^) and offers some simple transitional effects with drag and drop animations (zoom, pan etc)


Additionally you’ll need about 50-100 Gigs of free HD space, if you record at 1920x1080, a 10 min vid at this resolution usually ends up in 50-60 Gigs of raw material. A good computer if you plan on using ENB. I run a fairly powerful PC: Intel Core i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40 GHz, 16 Gigs of RAM and a GF GTX 970


Some useful mods


These are specific mods to make it easier to make vids, if you want sex vids you will still ofc need Sexlab. Please note the requirements of each mod.


SexLab Tools for selecting which animation you want to use in a sex scene

Puppeteer Master for doing PC or NPC animations, like crouch, beg, pray, clap, the list goes on 

Director’s Tools for giving characters special effects (also does animations). See pix.

FaceLight for giving PC and NPC’s a spotlight on the face. See pix.

FEP for controlling PC and NPC’s facial expressions 

VioLens for controlling kill moves

AddItemMenu for quick access to mod items

Familiar Faces for accessing your other characters or simply making new actors

Wet and Cold for frost and wet effects. See pix.

Customizable Camera for adusting the camera 


Console Commands


You enter the console with § (it may vary depending on your language/keyboard setting, it might be ~ for some)

Hide UI: tm

Free camera: tfc (I do not use this one since I have SexLab, and its free camera mode hot keyed)

NPCs: Want a certain NPC in a scene? Use help [name of npc], type player.placeatme [id code] [x, the number of NPCs]

Weather Control: Not happy with the weather? Type SW [weather code] See this list for weather types

Time Control: Time of day messing up your filming? Stop time with set timescale to 0(remember to change it back when ur done or it might mess up stuff, I use set timescale to 10, I do not know what the actual timescale is)


Location Control: Want to film in a certain place? Type help [name of place or partial name of place], look at the ones with CELL infront of them and type coc [id code], for example coc riftentempleofmara. Check out this list for Skyrim locations


Light Control: Not enough light in a scene? Check my list of lightsources (GD), pick a light and stand at the spot u want the extra light and type player.placeatme [id code] [x, the number of lightsources u want, I recommend 1 then if it is not enough just add another] 


Camera Control: Want to film your char from the front or the side while walking, use animcam





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Love your stuff :D


Nothing I can think to add, 0SEX Sex Sim by CEO0S shows a lot of promise. If you can figure out how to work it or understand it, the transitions on animations are perfect. It basically plays out an entire animated scene for you with the character moving into every position instead of just phasing or teleporting into it.

Unfortunately it is far from user friendly right now, but the modder said they are working on giving it a UI navigation menu; though that would show on screen when recording....



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Two things I use for screenshots and the like now that make life much easier.


ScreenshotPad, which lets you move your character across the X, Y, and Z axis even in free camera. It can also scale your character up or down, and has a rotational modifier function built in as well, but I haven't done anything with that.


ScreenShot Assist, which gives you keybinds for tfc on or off, menus on or off, FOV which is handy to have on your scroll wheel, two different keybinds and versions of full TFC, one which hides menus and toggles free camera in one click, and the other which stops time as well. It also has a slow motion feature which is really cool for both screenshots and videos, especially if you get creative with it. ;D

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