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  1. I tried making Devin Holt he so cute
  2. An attempt at recreating Ezra from Star Wars Rebels
  3. I wonder, will it be possible to add a peen slider to the ruler designer coming next week in 1.2? 🤔
  4. Ok, I'll be the one to say it... can we have larger? 😁
  5. I so hope this will happen! One can dream....
  6. From what I've understood reading Paradox devs say, it should be fairly easy to add stuff to the bodies, I think you just need Maya and PDX export addon thingy... I know nothing about 3D modding so I might be way off
  7. Anybody know if a 3D penis mod is being worked on? Seems maya would be the tool and they have an exporter for it as well (https://stellaris.paradoxwikis.com/Maya_exporter), I'm assuming one would be able import existing models (.mesh format) and slap on some peen?
  8. Awesome stuff Mr Dog, I made a little vid
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