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Can only load certain saves from in-game


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Hey guys. This is a problem I've been having for some time. My latest saves crash the game when loading from the menu, but if I load a save from the abandoned prison in Live Another Life, I can load those saves that crash from in-game just fine. I've used Loot, Tes5Edit, and tried to reduce the size of my textures using Texture Optimizer, but the problem is still there. It's not really a huge problem, its just annoying to have to load another save to load my new ones.


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I know exactly what's wrong, and it's nothing wrong with what you have installed.


Skyrim has a thing. If you have the game turned up to higher graphical settings, or any texture mods installed, well... Skyrim never likes loading too much memory the first time it loads a save. The reason your abandoned prison file works is because it is in a SMALL area, with few textures and things to load. Once a save game has been successfully loaded, it will let you load another save game that is outside, with more textures and objects in memory.


If Skyrim tries to load too much memory on that first save-game load, it aborts. It's not a crash, Skyrim kills its own process because it thinks something is wrong, as far as I know.


Just open the console with the ` key, and type '"coc riverwood" (without quotes. The command means 'center on cell: Riverwood') when you boot the game, BEFORE loading a file. you will be random nord guy X, from there, load your actual save file. This should work every time. This loads up a very basic first-load to not set off Skyrim's paranoia so you can load your actual file from the generic riverwood.


The reason I think this 'bug' exists has something to do with the fact that this game was made with the Xbox 360 and PS3 in mind, so many years ago... and they don't have the kind of RAM we have today.


But yeah, your install is fine sugar. c: Just port to riverwood before loading your save file the first time you boot your game and you'll be fine.

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This is often caused by remnant script fragments in your save file. If you have removed mods, items, textures etc. it can cause a fatal error and a CTD. Also if you experienced a CTD, this will also often cause a load error for the previous save. And yes, letting your save file get too big also causes this problem. Grab a save cleaning utility to try and reduce the save size, and if you have removed things from the game or suffered an in-game CTD, you will likely need to resume from a prior good save. (these sometimes can stretch a long way back, if for instance you installed a mod months ago, and then removed it).

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