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How to get eryniel spells for main toon

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I have the Eryniel follower mod installed, but I would like to use the spells on my main toon.  The mod creator explained how to do this in the mod description, or somewhere, but the mod has been hidden on nexus so i can not reread how to do it.


Does anyone remember or know how to get the spells on the main toon.  they are leveled spells.  and help eryniel shows some of them, but the list is scrolls past and you only see the last 4 or 5 



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Guest Electriq


The best way to do this in my opinion is to get AddItemMenu mod


It's super easy to use and very useful :)


I looked at that mod, it is for items.  I need spells and the spells are not in the game as books.  only the follower toon has them



Oh I see, it's weird that the mod don't have the spellbooks


If you use MO there is a trick to read the description of hidden mods if query info for a mod is correct, to do that double click on a said mod, and click on Nexus Info, the description will show up if query info is good


This trick usually should work, I was doing it with some hidden mods, if you need any more info feel free to ask :)

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