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Balanced Vault/thievery mods? Also perk trees

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Okay, I really like thievery in skyrim but i think theres no REAL experiences and challenges for thief characters for actually stealing stuff. The most hardcore thievery you can commit in skyrim outside of storylines is stealing some common clothes and a clothes iron from the jarls dresser in whiterun.




There are mods that add vaults but a lot of the time these vaults are too easy like one I just tried out which actually puts an icon on your map showing where the secret back entrance to the vault is. This vault is very easy and gives over 500k septims in loot, There is no inherent problem here except its just not what im looking for. Any good mods that add some compelling thievery experiences?


ALSO! Are there any mods that fix the immersive jewelry prices and stuff? Ive tested the limits of this and i can get to lvl73 smithing and 70k+ septims with 30 steel ingots. Just 30 steel ingots. You may say "well just dont do it". And i say... shut up


ANOTHER ALSO! Any mods that overhaul the strength perk trees? I have Path of Sorcery which im really liking and i have the smithing perks overhaul which is a little annoying but im liking it. I really like path of sorcery because it gives destruction a more compelling end game and more levels of gameplay. Any mods that overhaul the strength trees to give the same feel?

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