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Mod to disable Fugitive encounter

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Does anyone know of a mod already out there that disables / prevents the random fugitive wilderness encounter from happening?  I'm really getting sick of these morons wandering up and forcing the dialong, often at the WORST time (like when I'm in the middle of a battle with a dragon, oh yeah, I must be just the person to see for a fugitive looking to hide some ill gotten loot.... sure... makes total sense :s ).  It's a dumb encounter that ignores too much stuff (like if you're stealthed it auto-detects you anyway), if you're in battle, if you've entered a ruin (they'll follow you, if you outrun them they'll keep after you sometimes even if you fast travel; persistant little nuissances).  Sure you can just kill them and shoot the fugitive in the face with an arrow / fireball / lighting bolt is a fun pass time if you see them coming but ... really, at this point its just gotten old.


So does anyone know of a mod that disables this encounter so I don't have to mess with making one myself?  Also one that disables the random courier who runs up to you (for no reason) and then runs away.  That's another dumb one.

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He means the guy that stole the enchanted item from a hunter. I hate him too, what an asshole.


i though timing everything already covered that problem sorry my bad any i hate him too i just open console then type kill on him



I hate how right after he gives you the item and threatens you, he pussies out and tries to hide like a bitch.

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Oh he's easy to kill, quick arrow to the face and done.  But by then its already too late so far as interrupting whatever else I was doing.   An no, unfortunately Timing is Everything doesn't include this, wish it did and just posted to the author a request to add that.  Cross your fingers he does (better still, go beg him too!).


Couple of examples of how this one encounter has caused me headaches...


So there I am still a low-level hero just figuring out he's the dragon born.  He's killed a grand total of 1 dragon and that was with a lot of help from some Whiterun guards.   So my guy is fighting his second dragon, its an intense fight cause he's still not very skilled and not very well geared... dragon attacks HURT.   But I've got two followers with me (thanks EFF) and we're doing okay, got the dragon on the ground and wearing him down... or so I thought.  The dragon had just taken flight again (wasn't hurt as bad as I had hoped) and making a strafing run towards me when.... "Here, take this and don't double cross me, I mean it or I'll...."   and right in the middle of that, the afore-mentioned dragon lands almost on top of me and CHOMP... I'm dead.   My only consolation... if the fugitive wants whatever he stole back, he'll have to get it out of a dragon's belly.


Much later, same game my character is now high level, skilled, well geared, stealth is maxed out, he's invisible and has Quiet Casting so he can stay that way.  When he goes stealth mode he'd make a SEAL weep with envy!  I'm creeping up on an unsuspecting bandit guard just outside their fort intending to quickly backstab him before he can raise the alarm... I've got Dawnbreaker in hand, burning invisibly... when... suddenly the guard draws his weapon and goes into a fighting stance.  I freeze!  Has he detected me somehow???  Nope, my indicator thing is a flat bar... I'm hidden so what's he...  and about then a voice.  "Hey, that fire looks dangrous.... here take this..."  Yeah, fugitive guy again.  Only this time the bandit kills him.  Well, the bandit and 6 of his buddies... you know the fort where I did NOT want the alarm raised...  Yeah, so much for that plan.  I'll just invisibly creep away... on great,, here comes hunter guy right towards me, I'm just gonna hide behind this rock while the bandits finish him off too..


So yeah... I really HATE that random encounter.  An when I say hate... I mean loathe, detest, despise, and generally wish all the ill in the world upon it and its creator.   Just in case I wasn't clear. :lol:


Sometimes you just gotta laugh.

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i dont know i havent tried this yet does using mark for delete will prevent him for not being encountered?


Nope, he's a non-unique NPC so he just respawns.  Would need to disable it from the list of possible random encounters but I haven't looked at that part in CK yet.   Its why I was asking if anyone knew of a mod that did it already, since that would save me from having to make one.  Hopefully won't be difficult to do.


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