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Are Schlongs of Skyrim and Same Shape Atlas textures compatible?

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The question is kinda just that. I mean Same Shape Atlas was based on Schlongs of Skyrim, so I'm wondering can I use "Another Hairy Body texture for Schlongs of Skyrim" with Same Shape Atlas??? Or might there be any problems with that??? I mean... What do Same Shape Atlas's texture do differently than Schlongs of Skyrim's? Isn't Same Shape Atlas the same exact body as Schlongs of Skyrim, except enhanced further to create diversity and etc... Same Shape Atlas WAS Schlongs of Skyrim at one point from what I've read so I don't see why not. Correct me if I'm off anywhere on that. I just want to ask first though before I take my game apart just to try out one mod and then perhaps accidentally break it when it's great how it is. I just really want males with bouncing butts and etc...


Also I don't know if Same Shape Atlas will work with the HDT vagina mod Clams of Skyrim and male bouncing butt physics at the same time. If anyone has any info on that though, or has a link to a forum that does, that be nice. Hall of Torque says there might be issues. Yet Clams of Skyrim lists SSA as a requirement (Or SOS, one of the 2). I'm wondering if the makers of Clams of Skyrim took that into consideration and made COS usable with bouncing butt for males with SSA. There's a bunch of different version on the bouncing butt for males download page also, and I'm wondering if there's a specific one to pick that will work, and also if there's a specific way to install it to have SSA with bouncing butt and etc work with COS.


I'm using the XPMSE skeleton by the way, in case that info is needed.

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