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Reduce Guard Bounty Radius?

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About discussion in this topic, that was archived: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/48030-reduce-guard-bounty-radius-detection/


After all this time, i couldn't find something to solve this problem. Like mentioned in the discussion above, mods and others configurations always changes the initial crime radius, when you commit the crime. But this is not the point here. The real problem, in my opinion, is that kind of "radar" that guards have to follow you when you have a bounty in a city, no matter how good you are in sneak. This mechanic makes impossible to scape from dungeons, for example.


My idea is something to make the guards acts like an enemy looking for you while you're sneaking. Do you know if it's possible using some kind of mod or changing .ini parameters? How do you deal with this in your game?


Remember, mods like Reneers Crime or Crime Radius doesn't work for this situation, 'cause this only changes the initial repport crime radius.

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