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Adjusting head gear position in nifskope, is it possible?


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Hey guys, i always had this problem in skyrim. My characters usually have faces higher then vanilla cuz im not a fan of huge foreheads. The problem is that all face piercing, glasses and masks are to low. Is there a way to edit the nif itself to move it higher?

I tried using transform option but i get an error saying that "skined or animated nodes wont work as expected" and suprise suprise there is no change in item hight in game.

Is there a any way to adjust hight of those objects?

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Usually their position (in case of armors) is defined by a skeleton node. In case of eyes, eye brows, mouth, it is defined in the TRI file.

If you just want to "reposition" glasses to be higher or lover, don't transform, just change the center point by adding some numbers (5? 8? 20?) to the Z position origin.

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One thing to remember if you change a position of something in nifskope if it is minor adjustment it should be fine but if it gets adjusted too much it'll mess up the rigging. In nifskope it'll look fine but in game the items will be out in left field somewhere and you will probably not even be able to see it.


Maybe adjust it and then try and see if Gerra6's mesh rigger will fix it. You could also try moving things around using outfit studio then run it through mesh rigger.

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