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SoS Racemenu slider issue


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So I installed SOS full version and the XMPS 32 skeleton along with all the requirements for both. I also have Racemenu in. I can see all the adjustment sliders, but none of them effect anything.


I've double and triple checked that I installed everything right, I've tried reinstalling the mods and all their pieces, but to no avail. I've had it working just fine before, and I'm using the same most updated files available. I've hit the end up my patience trying to figure our the problem on my own and was wondering if anyone else has any more suggestions for me to try.




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Yes, I have them both on. Like I said, I can SEE the sliders. They just aren't affecting anything. I should mention, that I have Skyrim on two computers, and everything is working on the Other computer. Just not this one. The only real difference between the two is that this one (the one that's not working) has Dawnguard installed, and the other one doesn't. :s


Edit:  I feel the need to add that we *do* have two steam accounts and two legal copies of Skyrim.  No pirated games here.  (Thus the lack of Dawngaurd on one computer.  That account hasn't managed to catch Dawnguard on sale, while the other account has the Legendary Edition of Skyrim.)

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