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  1. This is really well made, i like the spoils of war and dethroned animations. I was wondering if there is a way to adjust the object individually, since it seems to be attached to the second actor it is difficult when your character is taller than normal
  2. Yo thats messed up dude I'm sorry to hear that. When I find out stuff like that happens it makes me really want to dole out some swift justice, to his face! with a chair!
  3. Must check this out, maybe ill actually progress the story some more hahaha.
  4. I actually have many on another site I will pm them to you.post-51187-0-38170200-1494314058.png56a71458-8440-4b2a-9435-bf347c2641f3.pngddae0a82-f031-433e-9438-10b8ab903a4b.png Funny! Sign me up for that too man! excited to see more beastly animations, i have been secretly hoping you would post more and didnt want to beg! Can't wait for that I am also amazed by your played time haha, I tip my hat to you sir.
  5. Funny! I hadnt checked in a while, awesome to see you got a lot of new stuff that came out! wohoo!
  6. @Funnybizness Hope all is well! i lurk this forum and your tumblr to check out your creations, havent had much time for games lately but I'm still around! I see many people here with requests, but I say you do you! I'm pretty sure you have never been short on ideas anyway, Only on time. Good luck!
  7. whoa cant wait for it, hopefully it works for bigger characters like mine! its alwys fun trying to line it up merry christmas to all!
  8. woo! i was hoping for this update for so long, i was hoping for quite some time, thank you!
  9. HOT DAMN THESE ARE AMAZING! MUST HAVE! way to necro a thread!...though that fits you well I had never seen this thread but the guy has some nice ideas I particularly liked thisone That inspires some really hardcore animations in my mind!
  10. You should also link us to the source of your inspiration haha
  11. woohoo! of course you are better! are you kidding? there is a MARKED evolution of quality in your animations, in such a short time too!
  12. wohoo! you just keep improving the experience each time. First with the buildup to the rape and now adding more elements to the animation. You really think of everything dont you? I wonder what it's like to be in your head haha
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