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Problem with porting clothes form Oblivion to FNV


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Hey  :shy:

I guess actually not many ppl still working on FNV mods  :( .

I try to convert armor from Oblivion mod to work in FNV, but model crashes when trying to wear it.

I think i did all about it as many guides tell, but after long reviews and comparing datas from other models i still can't find where the problem is.


Can i ask kindly any modeller to check that file to figure out what i did wrong?


I used 3dmax 2009 to re-model original file, it opens in NifScope without issues but that's all for now, not working in game :(Test.nif

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Does it throw out any errors if you try to add it to a .esp? Many times when you try to add something to a .esp if there is a problem it will state them or it will crash while trying to load it? It loads fine into nifskope and outfit studio.


Might be because your NiMaterialProperty are no named I know with oblivion a outfit will crash on equip if it isn't named with something.

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Nope, it can be added to any esp/esm without problem, it can be put in game anywhere (due to storage doesn't care about meshes and putting it on ground/any obstacle doesn't use that model but _gnd/_go version that is another - simply taken from any ingame model's). You can grab it to your inventory, then game crashes when you try to wear it on female (in this case, as that is feminine cloth). It obviously means that i made sth wrong with rigging or so, dunno what, unfortunatelly.

NiMaterialProperty doesn't use any names/strings with FNV models. At least my mesh looks there pretty the same as all other models i compared.

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I will check that. However it seems you used Skyrim or F4 body. Have you checked this in game?



EDIT: Yeah, MR did the thing however bodyreplacer's mesh was deformed so i had to use Nifscope to copy my mesh to another bodyreplacer's copy that was not touched by MR, but actually it works (bodyreplacer's mesh is still a bit deformed but it doesn't matter i think - when full outfit will be done).


Thx ;)

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I used outfit studio to add the body the body is a skyrim UNP body type using F04 texture after the CBBE body was deleted out and only the tattoo textures remained and then transferred them from the F04 file to the UNP file. I hadn't tested it in game and was playing a different game that I think messed up my mouse controls everything was moving left to right when scrolling the mouse wheel instead of scrolling up and down so I ended up restarting the computer to fix it. 


Glad it helped fix your problem I use it a lot to add bone nodes to mesh and it fixes anything along the way that it can and what doesn't crash it. Deformation could be caused by a few different things. Flaw in the to or from mesh skeleton used also depends if the 2 bodies have matching UV maps or not as things might come out differently depending on if the UV maps match or not. I had one body that was bad and one spot would always come out nasty. Also seems to come out better if both bodies render in nifskope.

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