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Texture issues

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I'm using this mod here http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/44676/? but it doesn't seem to play nicely with sex mods in that the body textures are always messed up, I always wind up with a flat color over the entire body. Is there any way to fix this, as in some kind of compatibility patch? Or should I look for a different character enhancement mod that is compatible with sex mods?

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The LAPF is 100% compatible with OCO2.  Anything that is messed up has nothing to do with the LAPF.  Now if you are talking about the other Lovers MBP based mods, then yes, there will be an issue.


At some point, all MBP based mods will be switched out to vanilla textures, so that OCO2 can be used.  Fejeena has released a number of No-MBP versions of lovers mods.

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The only sex based mod aside from LAPF I'm running is Lover's Hooker. Does Lover's Hooker use LAPF as a framework or does it use its own animations?


I only thought LAPF might be what was causing the issue because I'm assuming it replaces the body with a "nude suit" like SexLab does for Skyrim, and OCO2 doesn't like that very much.


I'm new to modding Oblivion, so I don't know what the most popular mods are or what's out dated and what isn't, or how these mods work exactly.

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All Lovers Mod needs LAPF ( Master file ! ) The animations are in LAPF. ( Creatures-human anis are in LoversCreatures2 )

Lovers Hooker needs LAPF and use the animations.


LAPF use Robers male and HGEC female ( You need Roberts male textures and female HGEC textures )

If you have ever read my yellow link, you'd know it . ;)



So you need :

Oblivion Character Overhaul v203 

HGEC texture compatibility addon    
Roberts Male Body replacer texture compatibility addon

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OCO2 is Roberts and HGEC friendly, which is what the LAPF is based on.  So the issue might be something as simple as archive invalidating via bsa redirection with OBMM or Wrye Bash.  The LAPF only contains a male lower body mesh and a female "futa" mesh.


See Fejeena's post, you need the compatibility patches for the male and female body you are using.

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