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Computer crashing when playing Skyrim


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Well guys, my computer is crashing when i play Skyrim.

My Skyrim is a bit lagged, but i can play it.

i have skyui, sexlab framework, FNIS and creature pack and Sexlab submit, and i have a topless underwear costume for my female characters.

but my monitor is blacking out saying "monitor in suspention mode" then my PC crashes.

can you guys help me out?

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Sounds like your graphics card is crashing. So most likely it's either drivers or the card itself. Try reinstalling the drivers if that helps. When your monitor says "monitor in suspension mode" it means it isn't receiving a signal it can display, for whatever reason.

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Yeap sounds like the graphics card too me. I had problems awhile back flickering screen/black screen when playing skyrim and a few other times. I tried the drivers that didn't help and I ended up replacing the graphics card but before getting one the same I went and looked at newer ones and replaced the old version with a newer more updated version. 

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If your graphics card is running at or near 100% usage while playing make sure that it is not overheating. I had the same issue for a while before I figured out what was going on, some cards do not do well with the stock fan settings.

Right, but need to be added. If graphic card down for hardware issue, you'll catch reboot. Same for overheating.

CTD - another issue.

UPD: do not laught, but above my video i always got HDD cooler in addiction :blush:

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