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New to Skyrim, went overboard, now CTDs :/


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Hey, soooo... Little late to the party, but better late then never.


I just got Skyrim, and am inexperienced with modding it. I probably went somewhat overboard, which now causes Skyrim to CTD after the initial loading screen (just before the "New/Load & Credits"-Menu).


The plethora of available mods also confused me a bit, as I'm really not sure what mods are needed, and which aren't. For example, when it comes to SOS (for females), I think I might have some mods that are redundant or incompatible with each other... 


I'm really quite overwhelmed, and am now hoping for some help from here.


More or less all mods are either directly from this site, or were linked to the Nexus.

I am using NMM.


Images from the mod/plugin-list (after I ran FNIS and LOOT) are attached.


I would really appreciate, if somebody could help me actually only getting the mods I need for the playing experience I desire (of course, if someone is actually willing to help me in that case, I will add more information... So you don't have to make guesses when looking at the screenshots of NMM).





1) the two red plugins need the HentaiCreatures.esp and SexLab Romance.esp (which I thought was optional)

2) English isn't actually my first language, so please excuse me if something sounds weird, stiff, or wrong :D



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Look at the .esp files in your load order that are marked red. Those require another file. Click on them, NMM should tell you what is missing. You can either find out where to get the missing .esp file (from which mod) OR uninstall the mod which contains the marked .esp file. With other words: make it work or not.

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Download TES5EDIT and run the .exe in it that will load all things you have installed into your game when it hits a error it will stop and tell you why read it fix it close it and restart it again and keep doing it till it loads up without hitting anymore errors.


HentaiCreatures.esp is part of More Nasty Critters (MNC) it is one of it's masters without it turned on CTD will happen.


Read authors pages it is what they are there for MNC lists the load order for everything that come with it on it's page. Your load order for them is incorrect.



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