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Elevator pitch:
I wanted to devious Calyps' old toys and have the interaction and messaging change based on your purity, sexlab skills and arousal level. I mean how hard could it be[1]?


What I'm releasing now is only the eggs [2] and it's more of a proof of concept than something I would recommend using long term. Most of the text is a placeholder and in the next version I'll be rewriting the scripts from scratch. I am only posting this to gauge interest.


This is where it gets boring but I have to explain how this works internally so you can tell the difference between a bug and a feature.


In the original mod there were three eggs you could make at a forge in two colors. Anal, peeking anal and vaginal in green or pink. Now there is one egg per color that shifts type depending on what you do with it.


For example, you
1) Make a pink egg at a forge (technically 3)
2) Lubricate it[3]
2) Put it up your bum[4].


If your purity level is three or higher (Virtuous) you won't have anything to do with the egg. Yes this includes followers.
If you have low anal skill it will turn into a peeking anal egg rather than an anal egg[5].
At purity 0 to 2 you will get romance novel style messaging, -1 to -3 is close to the stock devious text and -4 or less is like a bad porno.


Known Issues
v 0.1
Anal to peeking and peeking to anal can be slow and clicking before the scripts finish can result in item duplication. Now that I've written it once I think I have a better idea how DD works so the rewrite will try and mitigate this.
v 0.2
You can swap from anal to peeking or peeking to anal ONCE without exiting the inventory window more reliably than before. Anything after that (I think) is getting held up in syncinventory. If it becomes a problem I might be able to add some additional blocking.


Known Conflicts
I add a script to shrines of Dibella so there may be a problem with The Sisterhood of Dibella? I'm not sure.




Calyps for the meshes and textures
Aradia and Gameplayer (and Min?) for Devious Devices - Integration
Min and Zadil for Devious Devices - Assets
Fishburger67 and redneck2x for Aroused Redux
Ashal for Sexlab
Chris for ZazAnimations


Version 0.2 update.


Rather than waiting for me to write all the text (See the screenshot, it's just as glamorous as it sounds) I wrote the "Neutral" version so testing can begin.


Everything has been rewritten and the logic has been pulled into a new library which might (?) make things easier to tweak in the future.
The text is still not final but all the logic is running (States, If/Else, pulling data from SexLab etc) so the performance should be just as good/bad as when I get the pure and lewd text included.
Yes, it's still just the eggs. The first batch of plugs is next once these work well enough.


[1] Feel free to laugh if you want. The individual pieces are fairly easy to work with but it all goes spaghetti pretty quickly.
[2] Yes, there are a couple plugs but they are running stock zad scripts, I haven't gotten to them yet.
[3] You can use troll fat, dwarven oil, saliva (depending on your purity, oral skill level, gag status and arousal. Like I said, spaghetti.), or pray at a shrine of Dibella.
[4] The mod should(?) work on male and female actors. There are a few actor.getsex() lines but I haven't tested it on males yet.
[5] Depending on your purity you can push the egg out a little and turn it into a peeking egg if you want.

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    SexLab, SexLab Aroused (Redux tested), Devious Devices - Assets, Devious Devices - Integration, ZazAnimations
  • Special Edition Compatible


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I can't even tell you if I'm basing it on the latest version or not. I've had Adult_Toys_Set_Mrk_XV-12793-0-9-9-5.rar floating around for ages and wanted to learn papyrus. It got a little out of hand...


Calyps is still doing clothing mods on the Nexus so I shot off a note and the gist was whatever, give me credit. I also sent a message to Min (DD-I readme has that as a requirement) but haven't heard back yet so hopefully this is all OK.


I don't have a spreadsheet about what attribute is required for what yet because right now it's all up in the air.

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While I like the idea, being a fan of the Calyps toys, I'm not as thrilled with having toy interactions controlled by purity.  Most of my chars never move beyond the default purity stage, or somehow end up with "Virtuous" purity even when acting like a raving skooma fiend who runs naked from person to person asking for sex. Also, talking about spaghetti code, even that extra conditional statement governing the use of the egg can contribute to that.  Conversely, I do like the message changing based on purity, that sounds cool. I'm looking forward to hearing more about this. 

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You may or may not be as virtuous as you think. The purity stat is returned as an absolute value (I'm not sure why) so I'm checking for the lewd flag and flipping it back to a negative.

The lag I need to work on is caused by swapping one devious device for another far as I can tell. Going from an egg (which is a standard item) to a devious egg is plenty fast. Going from a devious egg to a standard item is also fine. *Shrug*

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Xiaomiza's version has a feature, plugs can fit in body without chastity belt, I like this feature badly.


No problem, I've been modifying OnEquippedPost in my scripts which is where the plugs drop without belt.  There are combinations of events where it can still happen but it isn't much of a plug if it doesn't stay in place.

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Hi everyone!

Sorry for dumb question, but is there other "devices" except two kinds of eggs in current version? Via "AddItemMenu" mod I see, that there are some more of them, but are they availible ingame by crafting, quest or they will be implemented in future versions?


The eggs transform depending on what you do with them. Right now it's make an egg, then turn it into a slippery egg then use it. The plugs and other stuff will be added once I have my ducks in a row.


The new framework I've been working on is complete (good news!) but the amount of text I need to write has gone up... a little (bad news!)

Forty nine lines are debug which I don't have to change (good news!) but that leaves...uh... at last count 735ish to go(bad news?)

For just the five eggs.


I'm starting to realize why more people haven't done this.

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Version 0.2 is up.

Instead of waiting for me to write a whole ton of lines I did a quicky job on the "Neutral" text branch. All the logic runs but I throw out the purity result before the state check so it should be just as fast/slow as it'll be when I get the pure and lewd text written.


The back end is a complete rewrite and the injection points have been reduced to the bare minimum. In theory making changes to the overall scheme should be easier(?)


Yes, it's still just the eggs. I want to make sure the logic is working (states, perks [thanks CK for making things difficult!] etc) before I do the first batch of plugs.


Let me know if anything catches on fire. I wont take responsibility for it but I'll ass a warning to the first post.

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All the text is in DDC_Words which currently is 93k so make sure HIMEM.SYS is loading properly and you are running at least DOS 5.0. All I have to do is compile a new version and push it out. the .esp is already multiple purity level aware. You can comment out line 3243 (recompile) and see all the test messages. I'm partial to "SlipperyEgg Lewd Content Peek Bottom Unskilled Fail M" and "SlipperyEgg Pure Desperate Week Peek Painful Bottom Success" myself.


All the objects call MsgGen(actor User, string Item, string DoAction) which does a state change (NOUSE PurityState NeutralState LewdState), adds a perk (so the creation kit knows which text to use in the message) and sends User and DoAction to the function which handles that particular Item.


;Valid Objects
;    DryEgg
;    SlipperyEgg
;    VaginalEgg
;    AnalEgg
;    PeekingAnalEgg

; Valid DoActions
;    FromInventory
;    FromWorn
;    FromTake
;    FromGive

;Expected Return Values
; -1 Is an error (Probably in logic)
; 0 Lubricate
; 1 Vaginal
; 2 Anal
; 3 Peeking
; 7 Remove
; 8 Trade
; 9 Do Nothing


The number returned to the script (from the CK message) gets processed and one of the return values above gets sent back instead. This lets me run mostly the same code in each item script. I know if I get a 9 to reset everything to what it was before (cancel the trade, re equip, unequip whatever) 8 is a trade whatever.


Right now this is all overkill. The only thing you can lube is a dry egg so who cares that it gets returned 0 (success!) or 9 (failure!) but there are a pile of plugs in the wings and maintaining one script should be easier than 12.



...Unless what you're actually saying is you don't want the pure messages (or whatever). That could probably be handled in a MCM menu. I don't know jack about MCM and I've got bigger fish *cough* blender *cough* to fry right now. Maybe?

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Yeah sorry, the UPS guy got me and my boss sick last month. All last month. You don't want to know. I didn't want to know.


Before I got the plague I was working on the Elven butt plug model. There are now four sizes (Tiny, Small, Medium and Large which is more or less the old model)  but I have no memory of where I was in the scripting. The idea is they are anal skill level dependent but you will be able to use the next size up after wearing your current max size for a while. I haven't figured out how I want the progression to work exactly, going from one plug size to the next is easy enough but where do I put the dildo plug or the beads/deep beads? It might go something like


0 tiny only

1 tiny then small

2 small

3 small then medium

4 medium

5 medium then large

6 large


for now. *shrug*


TL/DR I haven't forgotten about it, life has been getting in the way.

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