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  1. I wish I'd studied physics, it would make job hunting somewhat less annoying. I'd add psych into that but I just cannot get interested. "Oh you want a job in this field? Do you have a psych degree?" "No I don't but I've been doing the damn job because people keep asking me rather than the people who have psych degrees." "Well, we only accept applicant with degrees in the required field."
  2. Seconding this, so very much this entire attitude of "I'm right and everyone else is wrong" and "If you don't agree with ME you're a nazi" that is coming out of social media now. You aren't God's gift to the world kid, I don't care what your Mommy told you; now stfu and leave me the fuck alone.
  3. 😁 I actually had to go into the nearest large city this afternoon and the trucks weren't a problem, the loonie SUV owners though...
  4. What I find at once both funny and scary are the laws from literally centuries ago that have never been repealed. I believe that in Pennsylvania it is, or at least was, the law that motorist in rural areas needed to stop every mile and shoot off a signal rocket to warn livestock of their approach. How many people actually followed that law even when it was passed?!
  5. Sekai Books don't seem inclined to get off their collective ass and release the second volume of the Gate: Jietai manga in English. They were going to release it last August, but claimed that "the print quality was below our standards" and haven't said shit about it since then.
  6. "XYZ causes CANCER!!!!" Dude, everything causes cancer. This seems to be where we're at now. Yeah some things are more likely to cause it (licking spent nuclear fuel for instance) but it seems like I can't go more than a few days without seeing something online about how W.H.O. or the gov't or some rando is saying that something else is now a cancer risk.
  7. Friend has had a crappy week; me, trying to be a good friend, invites them to dinner, my treat. Friend doesn't show; no text, no call, nothing. I'm your friend so I'll forgive you, but next time, at least have some damn manners and let me know you won't show up.
  8. We're getting into politics here which is a no-no, but I'll be the dope and bite on this. I put it in a spoiler so people who don't want to read my griping don't have to.
  9. Been doing the same and I can't help but feel that there reaches a point where just making a custom case would be less complicated. People who are new(-ish) or just have a very low post count trying to act like forum moderators. Don't give us that "looking at this from the perspective of a moderator..." bullshit, you're just an uppity snot on a high horse, fuck right the hell off. People who don't pay taxes and then vote for politicians who promise to raise taxes. You don't own a car so it's fine that the gas tax is going to go up $.20 a gallon, because it doesn't affect YOU.
  10. I might have missed this, but are the nipple piercings and tattoo part of the outfit or are they from other mods? This all looks amazing, which I am sure I have not said enough. Now if only my battery backup would quit screaming every time I play FO4. Ultra-wide monitors are cool, but there are drawbacks.
  11. Just a comment: I absolutely love your tag quote "Friendship is magic. Magic is heresy."  Bravo!

    1. TheOzoneHole





      This is where I saw it, and I thought it was extremely funny, so I figured, why not?

    2. AKM


      Sorry, it's not posting correctly.  Just *abunchofletters*.jpg.

      In any case, I understand fun, for sure.  I'm getting a baseball hat with this in place of the little MLB guy

      on the back of normal ones (as in in-place-of).  Not sure what I'm going to put on the front, but I doubt many people will recognize it for what it is, never mind the joke.





    3. TheOzoneHole


      Lol, that is funny. 


      Odd about the image, it worked fine when I posted it.  Should (I hope) be fixed now.

  12. I miss the time when I could spend an entire saturday setting up and playing a new character.
  13. I don't miss having to specify a non-smoking room at a hotel. I really don't miss the smoking sections in restaurants either. I do feel somewhat sad to see most of the malls around closing though. As a kid going to the mall with family was pretty much one of the things to do on Sunday afternoons.
  14. And we've had plenty of left wing and centrist tears as well, so let's not get overly snarky. Also, as a programmer myself, the ability and willingness to work hard and do a good job matters more than your genitalia. I have worked with both males and females who were terrible programmers and others who were great programmers.
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