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  1. I miss the time when I could spend an entire saturday setting up and playing a new character.
  2. I don't miss having to specify a non-smoking room at a hotel. I really don't miss the smoking sections in restaurants either. I do feel somewhat sad to see most of the malls around closing though. As a kid going to the mall with family was pretty much one of the things to do on Sunday afternoons.
  3. And we've had plenty of left wing and centrist tears as well, so let's not get overly snarky. Also, as a programmer myself, the ability and willingness to work hard and do a good job matters more than your genitalia. I have worked with both males and females who were terrible programmers and others who were great programmers.
  4. This, so very much this. Arena looks like they finally figured out how to turn mtg into a proper video game and I won't touch it because fuck wizards and their bullshit.
  5. Okay so I was using this for a while and overall I found it interesting and fun, particularly with mods that make traps do more damage. However I also noticed several things that have been mentioned, like only the left arm and leg getting amputated by traps, and being cursed by dozens of people and animals (how?) but Danica only amputating my left leg (about 10 times) without any idea if the curse(s) are cleared. Also the hound didn't show but that might be due to my not having animal animations enable in sexlab. Now I'm not very familiar with Skyrim's CK, and I haven't looked at the scripts for this, but would it be possible to do one or both of the following: 1. Add a magic effect to the curse(s) show it/they show up in the magic effects menu? (Just even a name that calls it Curse so we know it is there.) 2. Use arrays/lists/dictionaries of booleans for each limb so that the script rolls for the limb and then applies a curse first to the hand/foot, then lower arm/leg and then finally upper arm/leg so that allows the player to be cursed up to 12 times, and parts are amputated either in order (first the hand/foot etc) or check for the highest one first and then amputate from there removing all those curses? That might lead to script bloat though, or be limited by amputator framework. Like I said, I haven't messed with papyrus at all or checked the scripts for either mod, so I don't know if that'd work or not. Thanks for all your time and hard work!
  6. Community Overlays I think I used the water sorcerer in lite blue as the base with the water sorcerer secondary in dark blue, all this is in race menu so you can pick the colors yourself, but I don't remember which face paints or the third body paint set.
  7. This is actually my previous character, and I'm a bit ashamed to admit that I can't remember her name. She is using my custom fantasy orc bodyslide preset. I don't have a good shot of my current character at the moment; I've got a few tweaks I want to make after two specific story points that I haven't reached yet.
  8. How to tell what type of area you live in, in the USA: If you live in a rural area and walk out the front door naked no-one will care because no-one can see you. Corn and soy beans for miles and miles. If you live in a suburban area you'll have the cops called on you before you get off the front step. If you live in an urban area, ain't nobody going to give a fuck.
  9. Well I'd say that someone's vampire is having a good time.
  10. No, but if they aren't going to contribute to the actual topic then maybe they shouldn't be in here messing with people. "Bickering, drama queens, or public calling out a fellow forum member will not be tolerated. Posts/threads perpetrating any sort of attack or drama will be removed on sight and warnings given to involved parties. This is a forum for helping each other build and mod, leave the drama at the door. " And back in my day...Vanilla Ice though he could be as cool as the Fresh Prince by rapping to the jingle for Macaroni and Cheese. Needless to say it didn't work. Also, (your bonus fact for the day) the state police of Illinois got a ton of brand new squad cars when the production team for the Blues Brothers bought most of their existing ones for the movie. Mall culture (how was that a thing?) was starting to die off and Wal-Mart, K-Mart, etc. were taking over as the main place to shop.
  11. What is that giant creepy weeping angle statue-thing?!
  12. Long hair is always the best answer until you need to clean it out of a vacuum. Skyrim has no vacuums.
  13. Scroll to the bottom for the download links for the UUNP versions or the link back to GomaPero's tumblr for the original 7b version. https://skyrimscandal.blogspot.com/2018/06/peropero-mage-robes-replacer-standalone.html
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