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Dog noises during all sex animations. What the...

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I have no idea what mod is doing this... but all sexlab animations have whimpering and grunting doggy noises. I'm even playing a nord. This would not be too unusual or bad if I was my lykaios form, but I'm playing a nord at the moment and it's a little ah... weird, to say the least. Does anyone know of a mod that does that? Like I'm standing here getting fucked by a draugr, as a nord, and I'm hearing barking and whining as if the draugr is a dog...

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That's broken image link. ^^; It's just a file name right now, can't tell what that was. Anyone have something helpful?


Edit: After more testing, the doggy noises only happen if a creature is involved, but it happens on EVERY creature for some reason. Maybe this is Untamed or something?

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Pffft, okay, that image is hilarious, now that I know what it is. Positively hilarious. Thank you, CPU, that fixed it.




Reset Sexlab Voice Registry.


1: Open MCM

2: Open Sexlab's page.

3: Go to 'Rebuild and Clean' page.

4: Click 'Reset Voice Registry'

5: Close MCM

6: Wait for message 'Voices installed' or something similar to pop up in the upper left.

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The image isn't broken you just haven't downloaded the imgur link blocking tactic fixer for your browser yet. Imgur has gone back to blocking links from their site that are linked to LL the below link has a addon for firefox and chrome which will prevent them from blocking them. Now to block the big picture with adblocker.



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