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Need a bit of Help.


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Alright, so this is a two part series at the moment and it isn't anything TOO severe. 

First part is, when I kill my first dragon at the west watchtower he dies, but I don't absorb his soul or anything to continue the event/quest. Even after looting him an such. 


Second part is, I have a few armor mods and I had to download a bunch more recently for Hateful/Forgotten wenches mod. 
Since then some characters aren't wearing the skimpy armors provided by other mods and are instead using the basic ones. I'm going to post my current load order.  Though because there isn't any CTD error or anything like that I am not sure if I'll have a papyrus report.




8128,"100x Your Carry Weight - or 10x or 25x","","100xCarry-8128-1-1.rar"
26870,"4 Race Pack Maormer Sandmer Snow Elf Night Elf CBBE FS UNP NO CORRUPTED","","Elves UPDATED-26870-1-2.7z"
30212,"Achieve That","","Achieve That-30212-2-3-1.rar"
64905,"AddItemMenu - Ultimate Mod Explorer","","AIM21a-64905-2-1a.7z"
17779,"Akaviri Samurai Armor","","Akaviri Samurai Armor v2-17779-2.7z"
57255,"Amaterasu - The Great Spirit","","Amaterasu - The Great Spirit-57255-1-1-2.rar"
54423,"Ancient Draugr Armor - UNP Top Model BBP","","Ancient Draugr Armor HDT-54423-1-0.7z"
11005,"Angelic Halos and Demonic Horns","","Angelic Halo and Demonic Horns-11005-1-6.7z"
53271,"Animated Dragon Wings","","Animated Dragon Wings (all-in-one) new2-53271-1-30.7z"
10168,"ApachiiSkyHair v 1 6 Full","d2015.9.30","E:/Mods/ApachiiSkyHair_v_1_6_Full-10168-1-6-Full.7z"
16225,"Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim","f8.09","Apocalypse v809-16225-8-09.zip"
27028,"ARMONIZER Armors Pack","","ARMONIZER - Armor Pack v23-27028-2-3.rar"
19618,"Auto Harvest 2 - Loot Container and Deadbodies","","AH_0932-19618-0-932.7z"
16438,"Bandolier - Bags and Pouches","","Bandolier - Bags and Pouches v1dot2-16438-1-2.7z"
19866,"Bathing Beauties Luxury Suite","","A Classier BB Luxury Suite V5-2 Full 2k Res-19866-5-2.7z"
24340,"Bathing Beauties Luxury Suite - Displays","","BBLuxurySuiteClassierDisplayRoom_v1_4-24340-1-4.rar"
944,"Better Beast Races v2","","Better_Beast_Races-2_00-944-2-0.7z"
52918,"Better Claws and Gauntlets (Clawed and Better 3rd Person Meshes)","","Better Claws and Gauntlets (Clawed and Better 3rd Person Meshes)-52918-2-1.7z"
2812,"Better Females by Bella","","Better Females by Bella Version 3-2812-3.zip"
24704,"Blades Samurai Armour and Kimonos","","Blades Samurai Armour and Kimonos-24704-5-0.7z"
25097,"Blaze Of Eventide","","Blaze Of Eventide v1_6-25097-1-6.zip"
49015,"BodySlide 2 and Outfit Studio","","BodySlide and Outfit Studio - v2.8d-49015-2-8d.7z"
59544,"Breton Knight by NewerMind43","","ESO Breton Knight by NewrMind43-59544-1-1.rar"
2666,"Calientes Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE-","","Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition v3.4f-2666-3-4f.7z"
46703,"Cart Carriage Havok Patch for SOS and other Mods","","TouringCarriages-SOS-Fixes-46703-v1-0-0.7z"
68653,"Cassandra Frost Witch Outfit UUNP - CBBE","f1.01","A. Cassandra Frost Witch Outfit 4K UNP-68653-1-01.7z"
0,"CBBE","d2015.9.30","E:/Mods/CBBE HDT Piercing Sets v1.0.7z"
38386,"Contractor and Mavari Armors","","Contractor Armor-38386-1-0.rar"
0,"Creature Framework RC12","d2015.9.30","E:/Mods/Creature Framework RC12.7z"
69138,"Daedric Reaper Armor","f1.04","B. Daedric Reaper Armor  CBBE -69138-1-04.7z"
34917,"Deadly Mutilation - dismemberment blood and gore","","Deadly Mutilation V1_3_4 Update-34917-1-3-4.7z"
60625,"Deadly Wenches","","Deadly Wenches 1.2.2--60625-1-2-2.7z"
70376,"Dragon Bone Bikini Armor","d2016.2.1","CBBE Meshes for DB Bikini -Fixed Again...er--70376-.7z"
66130,"Dragon Carved Armor Set","","Dragon Carved Armor Set 1.41 - Main File-66130-1-41.7z"
13930,"Dragons Diversified","f1.05","DragonsDiversified-13930-1-05.rar"
28056,"Draugr Skirts UNP UNPB CBBE and BBP Variants","","DraugrSkirts_CBBE-28056-1-0.7z"
39983,"DreamBurrows Regal Huntsman Armor","","DreamBurrow Regal Huntsman Armor - SkyRe Patch-39983-2-0.rar"
60,"Enhanced Blood Textures",""," Enhanced Blood Textures 3_6c NMM -60-3-6c.7z"
12951,"Enhanced Character Edit","","Enhanced Character Edit-12951-1-4.7z"
24273,"Ethereal Elven Overhaul","","Ethereal Elven Overhaul-24273-1-1-1.zip"
25476,"Evil MasterMind Armor","","Evil MasterMind Armor v1-25476-1-0.rar"
12933,"Extensible Follower Framework","","Extensible Follower Framework v4-0-2-12933-4-0-2.7z"
8157,"EzE's Artifact Disenchanting","","EzEs -Artifact Disenchanting--8157-5-5.rar"
35303,"Female Facial Animation","","Female Facial Animation 1_5-35303-1-5.7z"
22710,"Feminized Level Lists","","Feminized Level List-22710-1-1.zip"
11811,"FNIS Creature Pack","","FNIS Creature Pack 6_1-11811-6-1.7z"
54521,"FNIS Sexy Move","","FNIS Sexy Move 6.1-54521-6-1.7z"
11811,"FNIS Spells V5 0 1 -- ADD-ON for the spells","","FNIS Spells V5_0_1 -- ADD-ON for the spells -11811-5-0-1.7z"
11811,"Fores New Idles in Skyrim - FNIS","","FNIS Behavior V6_2-11811-6-2.7z"
72104,"Forgotten Wenches","","Forgotten Wenches 1.1.0 (Custom Armors)-72104-1-1-0.7z"
0,"Fuz Ro Doh","d2015.9.27","E:/Mods/Fuz Ro Doh 60-14884-6-0.zip"
58116,"Glorious Perspiration","","CBBE - 4096-58116-v2.7z"
57816,"Grey Warden","","Grey Warden-57816-1-0.zip"
68090,"Hateful Wenches","","Custom armors for Hateful Wenches (CBBE)-68090-1-0.7z"
54044,"HDT Breast And Butt Physics - TBBP BBP Supported","","Standard - With collision-54044-v1-4.rar"
36213,"HDT HighHeels System","beta0.5","hdtHighHeel_beta0_5-36213-beta0-5.7z"
53996,"HDT Physics Extensions","","HDT Physics Extensions-53996-14-28.7z"
58165,"HDT Tails Wearable","","HDT Tail Wearable 1.5.1-58165-1-5-1.7z"
32598,"Heart Breaker - A Killmove Mod","","Heart Breaker - A Killmove Mod-32598-3-3.7z"
64795,"Hikari UNP CBBE","","Hikari 1-64795-1-1-2.7z"
0,"hydra slavegirls 824","d2015.9.30","E:/Mods/hydra_slavegirls_824.7z"
29827,"I Love Cleavage CBBE HDT","","I Love Cleavage final-29827-8.rar"
19733,"Immersive Armors","","Immersive Armors v8-19733-8.7z"
27644,"Immersive Weapons","","Immersive Weapons-27644-1-5.7z"
51189,"Immersive Wenches","","Immersive Wenches 1.5.1 -Apachii Hairs Version--51189-1-5-1.7z"
14353,"Improved Dragon Shouts","","Improved Dragon Shouts v1-1-14353-1-1.rar"
34764,"Inferno Weapons and Armors Set -The Arms of Hell Flame-","","Inferno Weapons and Armors Set-34764-3-0.zip"
8356,"Jango PET-MOUNT Sabrecat 2_5 Fixed","d2015.10.9","Jango Mountable 2_5 FIX -8356.zip"
20305,"Kynesguard and Daedra Hunter Weapons and Armor","","KDWA-20305-1-2.rar"
38441,"Loners Armor","","Loners Armor-38441-1-0-0.rar"
62865,"Lord Marshal and Steel Falcon","","Lord Marshal and Steel Falcon-62865-1-0.rar"
60195,"Merta Assassin Armor UNP - CBBE","","C. Merta Assassin Armor High Heels CBBE-60195-1-0.7z"
66967,"Merta Black Rose Armor UUNP - CBBE","","Merta Black Rose Armor CBBE HDT-66967-1-0.7z"
42015,"Mighty Beasts - Werewolf","f1.04","E:/Mighty Beasts - Werewolf.zip"
0,"MoreNastyCritters9 0","d2015.10.7","E:/Mods/MoreNastyCritters9_0.7z"
37481,"NetImmerse Override","","NetImmerse Override v-3-4-4-37481-3-4-4.7z"
0,"Non-SexLab Animations Pack ver V2.8.2","d2015.9.27","E:/Mods/Non-SexLab Animations Pack ver V2.8.2.7z"
0,"Nusbie","d2015.9.25","E:/Nusbie Voices - Main File 2.7z"
0,"Oral Only 2.1","d2015.9.27","E:/Mods/Oral Only 2.1.7z"
25607,"Perk Point Book - SKSE","","Perk Point Book v2-25607-2-0.7z"
59849,"Perkus Maximus - Maximum Perk Overhaul","","Perkus Maximus 1-4-59849-1-4.7z"
24168,"RaceCompatibility with fixes","","1_RaceCompatibility All-in-One NMM installer-24168-1-96.7z"
29624,"RaceMenu","","RaceMenu v3-4-5-29624-3-4-5.7z"
601,"Realistic Ragdolls and Force","","Realistic Force-601-1-9.rar"
37246,"Relics of The Reach","","RelicsoftheReach-37246-v1-1.rar"
13004,"Remodeled Armor CBBEv3M","","Remodeled Armor 3_4-13004-3-4.7z"
25259,"Remodeled Armor for CBBE Bodyslide TBBP HDT","","Remodeled Armor for CBBE Bodyslide TBBP HDT-25259-5-1.7z"
50528,"Scoped Bows_Ultimate Edition","","Scoped Bows_Ultimate Edition-50528-2-2-2.7z"
20655,"SED7 Accessoire Piercingset for CBBE3 and Bettermales","","SED7-Allin1 Piercingset -20655-1-4.rar"
0,"SexLab Aroused Creatures v03.1","d2015.10.7","E:/Mods/SexLab Aroused Creatures v03.1.7z"
0,"SexLab CreatureAnimations v160","d2015.10.3","E:/Mods/SexLab_CreatureAnimations_v160.zip"
0,"SexLab Defeat v5.2.2","d2016.2.1","E:/SexLab Defeat v5.2.2.rar"
0,"SexLab Eager NPCs_20150928","d2015.9.29","E:/Mods/SexLab Eager NPCs_20150928.7z"
0,"SexLab LoversComfort v20131230","d2015.9.27","E:/Mods/SexLab_LoversComfort_v20131230.zip"
-1,"SexLab Nude Creatures v3.2.4","d2015.9.30","E:/Mods/SexLab Nude Creatures v3.2.4.7z"
0,"SexLab Romance V1-0-6","d2015.9.27","E:/Mods/SexLab Romance V1-0-6.7z"
0,"SexLab Solutions v4.0.2","","E:/Mods/SexLab Solutions v4.0.2.7z"
0,"SexLab Werewolves","","E:/Mods/SexLab Werewolves 3.0 Beta 5.7z"
0,"SexLabAroused V21 Loose","d2015.9.27","E:/Mods/SexLabAroused_V21_Loose.7z"
0,"SexLabFramework v161b FULL","d2016.2.1","E:/SexLabFramework_v161b_FULL.7z"
0,"SexLabLeveling","d2015.9.27","E:/Mods/SexLabLeveling 1.02e.7z"
13197,"Sexy Succubus summoning or companion NKT","","Sexy succubus companion 2-1-13197-2-1.rar"
33526,"ShowRaceMenu Precache Killer","","ShowRaceMenu PreCacheKiller 1_3-33526-1-3.7z"
0,"Shyvana","d2015.9.30","E:/Mods/Shyvana 2.1 (Default) Fixed.rar"
51038,"SKSE ini pre-download for lazy users","","INI settings-51038-1-1.rar"
0,"SL Deadly Drain 1.65","d2016.2.1","E:/SL Deadly Drain 1.65.7z"
54527,"Sofia - The Funny Fully Voiced Follower",".2.03","Sofia Follower v.2.03 (BSA)-54527-v-2-03.rar"
48446,"Sorceress Armors for CBBE-UNP-7Base-UNPB TBBP body","","CBBE - Four Sorceress Armors with High Heel System-48446-2-0.7z"
0,"SOS","d2016.2.1","E:/SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim -"
57909,"Sotteta Huntress Armor UNP","","A. Sotteta Huntress Armor 4k HDT-57909-1-0.7z"
59202,"Sotteta Necromancer Outfit UNP - CBBE","","Sotteta Necromancer 4K Textures-59202-1-0.7z"
58166,"Soul Collector","","Soul Collector-58166-1-2.rar"
52700,"Sword of the Ancient Tongues","d2016.2.1","Both Versions-52700-.rar"
51263,"Tear of Abyss","","Tear of Abyss default 1_20-51263-1-20.zip"
18465,"The Paarthurnax Dilemma","","The Paarthurnax Dilemma-18465-1-2-9.7z"
34713,"The TBBP animation of Dragonfly with butt bounce",".1","The TBBP animation of Dragonfly  with butt bounce-34713-.rar"
29469,"The Well Dressed Mage","","The Well Dressed Mage-29469-1-0.rar"
57046,"UIExtensions","","UIExtensions v1-2-0-57046-1-2-0.7z"
54814,"UN7B and New (High Heels) Feet - A New Body Replacer","141115.0.0.0","UN7B - 141115-54814-141115.7z"
27361,"Underground Bathhouse and Paradise Valley","","Underground Bathhouse Version 6.0-27361-6-0.rar"
29017,"Unenchanted Items","","UnenchantedItems1_6-29017-1-6.zip"
33292,"Unique Uniques","","Unique Uniques-33292-1-8.7z"
-1,"Unmanaged: Dawnguard","",""
-1,"Unmanaged: Dragonborn","",""
-1,"Unmanaged: HearthFires","",""
-1,"Unmanaged: SexLab","",""
23491,"Unofficial Dawnguard Patch","","Unofficial Dawnguard Patch-23491-2-1-3b.7z"
31083,"Unofficial Dragonborn Patch","","Unofficial Dragonborn Patch-31083-2-1-3b.7z"
25127,"Unofficial Hearthfire Patch","","Unofficial Hearthfire Patch-25127-2-1-3b.7z"
19,"Unofficial Skyrim Patch","","Unofficial Skyrim Patch-19-2-1-3b.7z"
10652,"Vanilla Mannequin Script Fix","","Vanilla Mannequin Script Fix v2_2-10652-2-2.7z"
56980,"VioLens - A Killmove Mod","","VioLens - A Killmove Mod 2.1 (Installer Fixed)-56980-2-1.7z"
50459,"Warmonger Armory","","WarmongerArmory_DLC-50459-1-2-55.zip"
17416,"Wearable Lanterns","","Wearable Lanterns 3_0b-17416-3-0b.7z"
54962,"Witcher 2 Oathbreaker's Armor","","Oathbreaker's Armor-54962-1-1.zip"
68000,"XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended","","XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended-68000-3-49.7z"
0,"ZazAnimationPack Main v0605","d2015.9.25","E:/ZazAnimationPack_Main_v0605.7z"
0,"ZazAnimationPack Patch v0607","d2015.9.27","E:/Mods/ZazAnimationPack_Patch_v0607.7z"
0,"ZazAnimationPack Textures v0605","d2015.9.25","E:/ZazAnimationPack_Textures_v0605.7z"

Hopefully someone out there can make more sense of this list works then me. I used the copy from Mod Organizer feature.
If you need any other information/have any other questions ask an I'll try an help. An if you have any other suggestions I'm all ears.   :3
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Dragons have always been buggy. Use player.modav dragonsouls 1 if you deserve the soul.


I'm not familiar with the armour mods in question. A few possibilities:

  • One of the mods has dirty edits that are overriding the NPCs and/or their leveled lists.
  • One of the mods has replacement NIFs stored in a BSA while the other uses loose files which override the BSA.
  • One of the mods adds stand-alone armours which are added via modified leveled lists which then ignores replacement armour added by the other I would check the support threads for those armours and see if anyone else is having similar issues.
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Dragons have always been buggy. Use player.modav dragonsouls 1 if you deserve the soul.


I'm not familiar with the armour mods in question. A few possibilities:

  • One of the mods has dirty edits that are overriding the NPCs and/or their leveled lists.
  • One of the mods has replacement NIFs stored in a BSA while the other uses loose files which override the BSA.
  • One of the mods adds stand-alone armours which are added via modified leveled lists which then ignores replacement armour added by the other I would check the support threads for those armours and see if anyone else is having similar issues.


Hrmm. Thanks for the heads up, I did a fresh start. I'll see if maybe it's my load order then cause I had them working earlier.


From what LOOT tells me, I have a pretty clean game/mods there are a few dirty ones. But I am not sure where the mods are in the TESVEdit tool, an I don't want to go wiping things that I am not a 100% sure are in need of wiping. I'll keep looking for anyone else who might have the fix. But I'm thinking it might be the Immersive armors mods is conflicting with the CBBE remodeled armors mod.


Just realized, that papyrus file is from a two days ago. :<
Does anyone know how I can get one without actually crashing my game?

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Just realized, that papyrus file is from a two days ago.  :< 

Does anyone know how I can get one without actually crashing my game? 


When in MO, click at this: http://prntscr.com/9z0ly0

Check if the entries are the same. It will create a new log every time you start the game.


For better posting your loadorder: don't remember the exact path, but within your MO folder should be a folder called 'Profiles', there you'll find a .txt with your mods.
For the armors: no clue, maybe ask in the immersive or hateful wenches thread?
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