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Video: The Tripple Threat [reposted to pornhub blek]

Monsto Brukes

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The Tripple Threat of Skyrim Mods


Posted on Porn Hub. Deal with it accordingly.


Q: Why'd you make the video Monsto, what are you promoting?

A: Why? Why what? Do I need a reason? Didn't think so.

A: I felt like it.


Q: The music is pretty funky. That yours?

A: "In Bed" by Cybelius. (Needs more cowbell)

It's an audio conversion of a probably 20 yr old .s3m tracker song. There was a 2nd released collection but it was nowhere near as good as the first one.


Q: Where can I download those configs?

A: You can get them from the magic box beneath the video. It's magic because it predicts the future of your skyrim mod downloads.


Q: Hey I'm making a mod that needs a video will you make it?

A: Link me to your mod's dl page, wherever it may be, and I'll give it solid consideration.

Q: I don't really have a page yet, it's a wip.

A: That's not really a question, but consider a video to be as WIP as your mod.


Even with fallout 4 and all it's goodies, I keep coming back to my custom skyrim domicile. I used this uncommon dwemer set to make a 3-story hall for my shit and my 20 something followers. The section featured in this video is, kinda off to one side. The main area may get a video if I release the entire thing as a player home.


Anyway, hope you enjoy the vid. 


Mods used:


(Should I post something about the vid somewhere else?)

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Reposted to pornhub.


I didn't want to put it on a full-on porn site, but there it is. DailyMotion used to be all-genre, but apparently they went on the wagon so this kinda thing isn't allowed anymore. Is there anywhere else that it could be posted that is a general video site that doesn't turn their nose up at some nudity?

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