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[looking] Damaging sex


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thanks, I looked into that and it'll do for now. right now I'm trying to get my Tamago to force all the to be children to be male and hoping to find a way to get them to be born with 0 disposition toward me.



I think I may have found a way, but I cannot save that script it keep saying that it cannot find array_var in line 4. (hiyoko)


nevermind, still can't save, but that not it.I posted a request in the forum of the user that had made a female only generator, I was thinking that s/he could make the male-only one.  

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Can't help you too much but are you using CSE / have you opened Construction set with OBSE loader? Otherwise you can't compile any scripts that use OBSE commands or variable types.


You can lauch OBSE version of editor from command line like this:

start obse_loader.exe -editor
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