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CBBE skin textures ?


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I'm browsing the nexus for good texturs and can't decide between the ones i've found already. For you, what is the best texture for CBBE actually ?


The different mods i've found for the moment :

- NUCLEAR Nude : http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/1608/?

- Silky Smooth Skin (SSS) -CBBE Skin- : http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/6940/?

- Oni face and full CBBE nude re-texture : http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/7485/?

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Although I like the native Caliente skin best so far, I do not like that the CBBE forces dirty raiders.  So I currently use Nuclear Nude because it has an option for clean raiders, and it makes the raiders beautiful.


I tried the Oni textures for a while, and although I very much like Oni's work (a lot), I play at a very high resolution and detail, and Oni's skin does not look as real to me as Caliente's or Nuclear's skin.


I did not try silky smooth specifically because it claims to be silky smooth.  I am waiting for the author of True Daughter's of Skyrim to make it to Fallout so I can use that (my favorite texture from Skyrim).  I want skin that looks as real as possible when I look at it closely from very high resolution, and nothing quite yet matches True Daughter's of Skyrim yet, but Caliente and Nuclear come close.

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I'm using Silky Smooth Skin now, and think it looks great.


I install the body, face, and sweat parts first (in the main files), and then install the body and face freckles in Optionals. Looks actually really nice.


Spyder, your detailed description inspired me to download Silky Smooth Skin to try it using the files you mentioned.  I then downloaded the latest Oni files, too (I'd tried an older version before) and compared SSS, Nuclear Nude, Oni, Valkyrie and of course native Caliente.


I still like native Caliente and Nuclear Nude the most, but all of the mods are truly excellent.


In addition for the option of clean raiders which Nuclear Nude has, I also like the slight visibility of ribs it has.  I won't link the pictures to the bodies because body mods are mostly about personal preference rather than objective superiority. But I will link pictures to each of the mod's faces with the same character and lighting in case people want to see what the skins of each mod look like without downloading them all.


Native Caliente



Nuclear Nude



Oni (dry)



Silky Smooth Skin (Oil and freckles)






I note for instance that each mod makes slight differences to the shape of the lips and the overall appearance.  So there are differences beyond just skin texture both to the body and to the face.

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Guest Katherlne

New version of Oni textures is just awesome! He did an excellent job of removing the seam around the neck and the color difference of the body and neck. Seam is almost imperceptible, even with light where other texture units immediately show the seam and difference in neck/body color. It is also very like the nipples color and the option of wet skin.

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I've come around again to Oni.  I decided I really like his face texture and shape a lot, though with lots of further experimentation I still like the Nuclear Nude body textures.  So I'm switching to Nuclear Nude body and Oni face (dry--his wet face practically glows in the sun like a mirror).




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or get mine, dirty body textures   http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/7034/?


Hi, Ubercharge. I'm glad you made an appearance in this because I want to compliment you particularly on your work with the "Perfect Body" mod you made before CBBE. It was superb.


I tried your latest mod, but it only comes in dirty mode. I like your physique you make (especially the ribs) and watched your activity for months hoping you would port Perfect Body to CBBE. If you ever do I'll jump on it, but for me the dirty version just hurts my immersion.


I read that for you clean version hurts your immersion, and I respect and appreciate that. You are the artist, and I honor your work. Thanks.


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I've come around again to Oni.  I decided I really like his face texture and shape a lot, though with lots of further experimentation I still like the Nuclear Nude body textures.  So I'm switching to Nuclear Nude body and Oni face (dry--his wet face practically glows in the sun like a mirror).




Sturges has this look on his face like "...sweet!", he's looking strait at her titties too.

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I am currently using these:


OMGGGGGGGG - I just realized that I am not using a face texture, that is why the npcs look so bad, I use replacers for my and my companions faces, so no face text. Wow.


I am thinking about switching over to these:




My current character with the first skin texture.


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I give birth to the facial individuality of my char in the old-fashioned way on the vanilla sliders, usually in the week of release when there still is no third party preset. Already after a handful of shots posted on the Nexus the guys can identify you as player according to the looks of the char and you'll get a nice feedback accordingly. Such a level of uniqueness you simply don't reach when you drive a preset clone that lacks of the certain something - the creative you in her - like an interchangeable beauty queen whose face we forget again already in the week after coronation, no matter how beautiful she appeared to us. Of course, such a slider gyal will never become Miss Triple One of the month but she'll remain interesting for years and is immune to an exchange (or surgical modification) of the face but not to welcome changes in the role to play. Have fun!

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I use Valkyr for faces and Ida for body, since they're both by Fuse and look fantastic... I just don't understand why they still have a greyish neck which pretty much makes the vanilla-like skintone the only really viable one.

TheCaptn, I use that also now. Though I like the normal (not vanilla) version of the body skin. I use an additional mod called Photo Light (or Photo Hud) by pcsafricanus which gives a gentle red hue to the skin and solves that grey skin issue you might still be seeing.


Here's an example of how it looks with Ida body, Valkyr face and Photo Light:




The mod is:  http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/10667/?


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