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  1. today I began collaborating on the mod, this is wip preview of hi poly version fluid extractor I will probably do sound design and soundtrack for the mod
  2. sorry Im quite busy at work and also after 9-10 hours of working in maya, its difficult to do even more 3d work at the cost of sleep. so maybe in future when theres more time.
  3. it was hand painted concept in photoshop, nothing is in the game also there is currently no way tentacles would be animated, since its one mesh I think I will get down to earlier concept, because this is just too much work for me, as well as for polycount, thin tentacles keep breaking into itself when I use reasonable polycount
  4. Hey guys, Im not having enough time for this mod, I can finish modeling and exporting normal maps, however I wont have time to learn all the stuff about game engine, skeletons, cbbe skinning, materials, importing models etc, list goes forever... I simply cant spend all my free time on it, and not even show it on my portfolio (people would think im sick for creating this type of stuff) I hope there is someone who has modding skills to help this mod to see light of the day. I have made a mistake of redrawing simple armor into whole tentacled thing, as its beeing too big of a bite for
  5. sure I will use normal maps, I wouldt stuff 7 mil poly object into game dirtectly from zbrush
  6. another update, I broke up shells even more, to show some damage as they are old... started actual orgainc mesh, and spent about 3 hours learning how to sculpt tentacles so Im ready to make them hug her. btw is 40 000 poly ok for armor mesh? Im quite new to game modeling, at my job we use 40 mil polys or even higher for movie effects
  7. One of my prime requisites for living armor is that it is a growing thing, the longer you wear it the more of it there is and better protection and harder to remove it, but the bad side probably is an increasing negative charisma buff as others will see you as a plague carrier. You will need an open crotch version too as despite the plague status some supermutant, creature or raiderscum is going to still fk the wearer regardless and the parasite may allow that. When it is mature tt may even grow a futa protrusion to infect other females please, explain this to polygons and hex code
  8. I tired to change concept a bit, do you guys prefer new one or old concept?
  9. unfortunately I dont have too much time to spend, so I cant do variations too much. but maybe it is still time to change the concept and move them shells around
  10. I have some plans for leg arms parts but just sculpting one shell took me more than 3 hours so it wont be full coverage
  11. I decided to level up my sculpting skills and create LIVING ARMOR for fallout 4. Today I have drawn concept art, and sculpting will start soon, I will throw some screenshots how progress goes. If it is accepted for Subject #130 mod, I will even animate it. I hope you like my design.
  12. I get the same problem although im using cs5 with the plugin. Mostly with any dds file apart from the diffuse texture. but do you use INTEL dds plugin? nvidia dds tools will NOT work anymore
  13. I didnt know that. Mostly when people opened my textures in gimp they were black
  14. or get mine, dirty body textures http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/7034/?
  15. Im not sure what is this, but that character creeps me the fuck out
  16. you can inspire, I accidentally created the first cum mod two months ago. it was supposed to be sweat on body, but I underestimated skyrim/fallout community http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/675/?
  17. I might help with this mod. I really like idea of degeneration armor. I even set rule to throw away armor pieces when limbs got crippled so I always had to be on search for armor pieces and at least use sometimes crappy raider pieces when nothing better was found. btw will this mod work for raiders too? for example as I start shooting, and their health goes down, their armor will be getting swapped for damaged pieces? or is it only player. Currently I dont have desktop PC available, just crappy notebook, but it is able to do some simple texturing and modeling. PM me then pls.
  18. Bush is on the way, even if I really dislike it, I can imagine how much can it increase realism for other people
  19. Cbbe body is out of proportions due to skeleton bethesda used same rig for male and female body as well as animations also by no means i want to create super realistic figure. As an artist I create supernatural stimuli. It just has to be realistic up to certain extent so it fools our brain that its real so we get dopamine flowing. As I said, it is balance between what is pretty and what is real. Cbbe base texture is pretty but looks too perfect like doll so it wont work for me. And for example bushy pubes are real but its not visually pleasant therefore I get no dopamine.
  20. Blackcro55: mind this is just teaser image, I will upload actual 1.3 textures on nexus tomorrow probably btw my mod contains clean npc textures, dirty npc textures, unique player textures... how should I upload optional files, all textures in every optional file, or just some textures that are changed to save file space, but potentially create installation problems to users?
  21. new update I changed base body texture to be more realistic (its not so shiny, I checked volleyball girl references and even with sweat they skin was quite matte) added pubic hair only basic version so far, I simply dont like those overgrown jungles... again fixed neck seam for new cbbe v1.0 body release and managed to get hand seams hidden more. I usually do hair using actual hair strands models, but so far, with good normal and specular maps, texture is good enough Then I will make Lite version, that will be even more realistic, with less dirt, and overgrown hair aft
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