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  1. Kharneth1 is correct, but there's also a dramatic gap which can appear in the neck if one uses very old CBBE mods. As I recall (it's a years old memory) CBBE made a change at one point which made old outfits somewhat incompatible with newer ones. For instance, I recall the original release of Toxic Raider outfit had that issue quite badly after the CBBE change. The fix, of course, is simple. It just needed the reference body replaced with a newer one inside the Outfit Studio project. If somebody is getting an actual gap in the neck, they should redo the project with a current refer
  2. That's the CyberPunk helmet: CyberPunk Helmet at Fallout 4 Nexus - Mods and community
  3. There are too many nails in the mod for me to convert them all *Laughs* I basically converted four of them: - long red - long black - long white - short red That's enough to go with any outfit I'm so glad to hear that you and Omen are able to make your own French Nail conversions, though! It's my opinion that most people who use Fusion Girl are likely to be good with Outfit Studio and BodySlide anyway as it's usually necessary to make our own conversions if we want outfits for FG
  4. As VaultBait speculated, indeed it's HN66 and Xazomn's French Nails mod. I made a few FG versions for myself (obviously can't upload them as it's not my mod). To make it FG compatible I had to: 1. In Outfit Studio start a new project for each nails I wanted to convert by importing the French Nails NIF 2. Imported the FG female hands and set it as reference, then deleted the CBBE hands 3. Copied the bone weights from the hands onto the nails. This is important as CBBE and FG hand bones aren't weighted the same 4. Made minor tweaks to nails positioning to fit hand
  5. I'm glad to hear that! In fact, I had the same observation in-game and just finished doubling the vertex count of the skirt for my game as well. As you said, with the butt physics, it was clipping during movement (though not when standing still). That's when I noticed more vertices would fix that I think the stockings could probably do with more vertices for the same reason, but it's not as noticeable an issue as the skirt
  6. It's a beautiful outfit. Thanks for sharing it, StaticPhobia2 On a side note, I noticed the bodyslide files have the collar/chain component combined with the skirt and stockings component. If you separate the collar/chain from the rest of the outfit, still keeping it one BodySlide project, you can set the BodySlide file to not squeeze the chain when the breasts are enlarged. What you'd do in the project is: - first do the conform all for the whole project - then select the collar/chain and do conform selected. When the menu pops up, tell it to not squeeze. Th
  7. Learning by Guglielmo Earthbound, on Flickr
  8. The easiest and best solution is to not have your Pip-boy equipped anyway. I use this mod which has it unequipped during normal walking around and fighting and only equips it when you actually use it. It's really wonderful: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/15342 I didn't even know Devious Devices had a problem with Pip Boys as it's been so long since I had one equipped.
  9. Yes, that's what I do. Because French Nails has CBBE hands, when you put an outfit on with the CBBE body, the hands will match the body. When you don't have French Nails on, it will be the Fusion Girl hands which will match your default Fusion Girl body
  10. Dealing with the hand seam is easy. Have Fusion Girl as you world's base body. So all hands and bodies will be Fusion Girl. Anytime you want to put on a CBBE outfit, put on HN66s French Nails with the CBBE outfit. French Nails has a CBBE hand, so you get the matching hand to go with the body. p.s. In case it's not obvious, the CBBE outfit needs to have the CBBE body and slot 33 with it.
  11. I've wanted to make a video for a while using the skeleton outfit from AAF Violate Purgatory (it's a really neat invention), and I finally got around to it: Never Dies by Guglielmo Earthbound, on Flickr
  12. On my Fable Paintings mod on Nexus I went all the way up to 3840x2160 texture resolution, and the game handles it fine. Keep in mind, though, that if you're going to have many textures that size you must put them into a ba2 archive else the game will crash trying to load them all. Also the scale must be exact to the pixel. For instance, 3840x2160 would be fine, but 3840x2159 or 3840x2161 could crash the game. p.s. In short, just keep the exact proportions of what you're replacing, but you can upscale it if you wish.
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