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Found this while looking for a tutorial for making normals for Sims4.  It works, though it ain't great.  BUT it is better than struggling with normal maps if someone is a beginner.  There are 'tricks' to making what the program produces work for various games so you'll have to have a base knowledge of how to decompose colors, copy and replace RGB and Alpha Layers, recompose the dds and save it with the right compression and generated mipmaps.  Overall it's pretty handy.

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It is a very simple and useful tool.


And all games that are using DirectX9 Normal Maps can use the result right away.

DirectX10 games should be good to (I can't test, but there are no variations on normal maps) but on DirectX11 there are some problems on the resulting files that needs to be tweaked afterward with a pant program like Gimp or Photoshop. (Like Fallout 4.)

I am not aware of a DirectX12 game, so no idea about that.


Edit: DirectX10 is confirmed valid with the produced normal maps.

DirectX11 for some games is OK but not for all of them.

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Heavy edit later:


   It turns out I was wrong about alot of the original post, after looking in more detail at what I was assuming. Don't know if anyone really cares, but I'm interested in seeing how the game actually handles the coordinate systems, heh. I'll un-edit later if I can.



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