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Switching to Wrye Bash


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 I am switiching over from Nexus Mod Manager to Wrye Bash and was looking for some adivce.   For example do I need to uninstall eveything in NMM then delete it?  I just don't want to crash my game but I have heard that switching to Wrye Bash with prevent a lot of these crashes and frezzes.



Any help would be great thanks


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Just uninstall NMM and you'll be fine. Then install mods using WB and you're OK. But for causes, copy your mods folder to some safe place. You'll never know what might get wrong. :)

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I mostly use Wrye Bash as my mod manager.  Some mods, unfortunately, are packaged in such a way as to make installation with Wrye Bash impossible.  In those cases, I use MO to extract, then re-package and install via Wrye Bash.


Oh, and Bodyslide files are a royal PITA to install via Wrye Bash, just FYI.

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