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  1. If you’re going to be a duche bag why even make a post on here? Also, you didn’t even come close to pointing in the right direction! 🖕🏼🖕🏼 How’s that for pointing in the right direction?
  2. Hi, I recently reinstalled Oblivion and this mod is KING! - But I think I'm missing the cuffed walked BBB animations? Are the current cuffed walking animations BBB enabled? I thought I remembered there being some BBB cuffed walking animations for this somewhere and I've looked all over and can't find them. A link to the file or the file itself would be most welcomed. Thanks!
  3. It wouldn't be too much work, but the direction on how to do it aren't very clear for someone that's never used mesh rigger before. Being a condescending ass also doesn't help. So if someone can provide better directions great, if someone can actually convert the file and PM me that would be fine as well. Thanks! Edit, After farting around more with the rigger I got it to work. Thanks for the "help". Hopefully someone will find this useful and not have to deal with ridicule or poorly written directions. SexyKunoichi BBB set.7z
  4. I would consider it a personal favor if someone can convert this file to BBB? I've tried and failed at how to do so. Or if this file has already been converted into BBB could someone please provide the link to it? Thanks in advance. SexyKunoichi C cup-17907.zip
  5. I've found that the only way I can get the mod to work is on a brand new character. Basically you need to go directly to Whiterun and then Riften, or visa versa. Start the mod when you get to one of those cities and then once you're done in either Whiterun or Riften head to the next city. This isn't a mod that's made to work during mid-game, it's also not really set up to continue to be playable once you've complete both city sequences. On another note, I've found that I need to equip armor or clothing that takes up the number 32 slot. So if I've got things equipped to the 52 slot like bikini bottoms or thongs it doesn't recognize that slot to strip. Hope this helps some people. I've play through this mod several times and do enjoy it! I sincerely hope / wish someone would continue it.
  6. Like the title says, can we please have a post slavery mod were the player is offered up as an offering to some Giant camp location as a post Simple Slavery option?
  7. Hey thanks, that was the issue, I disabled those animations in SLanimatin loader and then reapplied everything and reset the registration and those animations now appear. Thanks for the help!
  8. See attached, the psyche animations are all checked, but don't register as true, in fact the ONLY one (that is creature) that registers is the Draugr one. All of the rest register as false, but are in fact checked as if they were registered. I've re run FNIS and have all of the requirements. It's also registered in Sexlab, and Defeat, but it does not show up on Aroused Creatures.
  9. For me the animations show up in the SL animation loader, but they don't actually play in game. Yes, fan FNIS, yes, reset the JSON, yes rebuilt Sexlab animation, yes reset the amination s in SL loader, yes reset SL defeat. I use SL Tools and it's not a animation that is visible in there. Clean / new save as well.
  10. You need to document all of the stupid shit he does, dates, times, locations, what's said, what's done (or not done) etc. Then when they come after you or someone who doesn't deserve to take shit from him you have it all in writing and documented. That's when you go to HR on his ass. That's what I'd do.
  11. I’m having the exact same issue, any fixes yet?
  12. Already did the skip scene. That doesn’t trigger it. He just stands. If I attempt to move the jailer it teleports me back to a default location. I can unstick him but again that doesn’t trigger an advancement to outside. As far as the animations goes if the scene is her doing cow girl, it starts that way but quickly reverses her to backwards. I don’t change it. It doesn’t on its own.
  13. My character just stands outside of the prison cell door with the jailer and doesn't move. I try to unstick the jailer and it just teleports him to the chest and then back to me. He just stands there and we don't go outside for the punishment scenes. Also the sex scenes aren't smooth. Getting weird backwards animations with them. I've seen others with similar issues, anyone found a fix yet?
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