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  1. It looks like Brave Animations support as added on 1/14 - maybe consider adding those to the guide?
  2. Thanks, but, I don't really know what that means or how to go about it. Where am I adding a keyword? What keyword am I adding? What's the formatting? If I get a fully working AAF-Ikaros setup I'll package it as an installable thingy for other users, which should avoid further questions in the future... until AAF and/or Ikaros changes, at least.
  3. Thank you. I wonder what could be causing that then... I'm less concerned with the object selection, though. Its the scan radius where its frequently picking objects very very far away that's driving me up a wall. Same/similar issue, possibly? I guess an obvious/easy "fix" is to disable that autonomy, but figured I ought to mention the issue in case its like, an actual issue.
  4. Noticing something strange in Strangerville! Built my first home ever there, have a sim who is an evil alien, has the rapist trait and some kidnapped targets via Sim Snatcher. The issue is that autonomous assault is picking some very unreasonable locations. It always picks wild Bizarre Plants - okay, fine, in this case I can dig it for RP purposes. But its picking plants that are, in some cases, literally 3-4 lots away from my home lot. Its eating up a lot of time just getting to-and-from those locations. To make it more annoying, I have wild Bizarre Plants on the l
  5. Trying milk farm, finally! I have Minorlaser, Lupobianco, and Motherloadsims installed. The only animations I see, however, are "Sucking FF Tit Suck STAGE 1" from lupobianco (too short to be very useful), and Forced Milk Drinking by Devious Devices. Are the other anims just M-F? If so, is there any way to fix that?
  6. Finally tried this out, but the penis gets all distorted and weird during animations. It stretches and bends in ways that look really uncomfortable and broken.
  7. Thank you - yes, that's been my experience so far, the AAF interface does not detect me as a valid target, so I assumed it was not working at all. So is that an actual AAF issue, or is it an incomplete configuration? I'll test with some other mods and see how that works out.
  8. I see the Fusion bodyslide files are from 2019... do they need to be updated for FG 1.75+?
  9. There's an old thread and some old files and some old advice that I'm not sure is entirely relevant anymore, based on my limited poking around, so here's a new thread to ask: How do I get current versions of IKAROS (1.2, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/48237) working with current versions of AAF? (154b)? It seems like the file structure of the XMLs have changed, so maybe I don't have to edit existing XML files? While I know basic usage of xEdit, I don't know what values to pull from where for the race values.
  10. New to Starbound, so I'm sorry if the answer is obvious, but: I died somewhere obscure last week, didn't worry about it because I didn't have a lot on me - but I had some Letters of Recommendation. Seems those are gone forever, no way to get them back. So now I'm sitting here with ten of them, and no more quests to get the last two. I assume I can use /admin to spawn the missing items back, but I need the item ID to do so. Isn't there some way to tag them as non-looseable, like weapons and stuff?
  11. Finally got around to reinstalling FO4 and downloading this. I am going to assume you are new to modding, because what you have said is incorrect. Yes, if I have a Fusion body and wear CBBE clothing (assuming I have built it in Bodyslide using CBBE sliders, since Fusion sliders would just yield a zeroed body and vice-versa), my whole body shape will change to CBBE while wearing that outfit. So it won't crash, probably, but no thanks, not interested. tl;dr version: It very much DOES matter, and this is CBBE, not Fusion.
  12. I see there there are Bodyslide files, but for what body? The description doesn't mention them at all. Fusion Girl, I hope?
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