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Long Save/Load times


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They sometimes exceed 60 seconds and I am unable to use my mouse when I alt tab out. My fps is 58-60 outside and I have run all the appropriate patchers for my load order. It is not save bloat as my largest save has not reached 10,000 kb. quicksave takes about 20 seconds. task manager claims the highest disk usage of the running programs is .9 Mb/s but I have previously seen programs run closer to 30Mb/s before it says my read write speed is maxed out.


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Okay so I narrowed it down to saving. when I disabled autosave it loaded almost immediately. its far from  fix but now I can at least play while trying to think of why it takes so long to save.

Well I didn't mean to play like that, I mean't what did it do to loading / saving times.


Literally just added a crash to the end lol

With autosave disabled less than 1 second for interior cells and less than 5 for exterior. Before averaged about a minute a crossed the board.

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