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Adult Story mod Mission or series of missions (IDEA/Help wanted)


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Hi Lovers Lab community !

I'm fairly new to this community but I've been around for a little while now and I thought I might chip in some ideas for some of the talented mod makers should they choose use this idea in their future mods :). (Just a little warning of minor spoilers, read at own risk ;) )


So anyways I was a HUGE fan of the Dark investigations mod for Skyrim when that came out and I still am a very big fan of that mod, I generally still occasionally check if the wonderful Ashal will update it. I thought the whole concept was so brilliant, like it was not cheesy and for me actually felt like a part of the world although sure was a little dark but still awesome. The characters were believable and the whole scenario felt like it just fit in snuggly into the world. As you may have guessed my idea of an Adult mod comes directly from that mod. 


So the general idea is that there would be a new faction added to the game or an edited faction from the vanilla game, however it wouldn't be like you would run into them very often as this 'organisation' would be very private and kinda secret. So this organisation will lets say, specialise in capturing specific individuals from the Commonwealth area. The organisation works for higher class individuals who pay a lot of caps to them in order to have someone captured and for now lets say 'have their way with them'. 


The organisation will work to capture a specific individual depending on what actions or what faction they are part off. So for example lets talk about my character that was the initial thought of this. So my character is part of the Rail-road and as you know they work on the basis of having agents and helping synths around the commonwealth and try make them live a normal life. Considering your character/player becomes a 'heavy' in the faction means she is a valuable asset to them. In the context of the organisation now, the organisation which is yet to be named would find out information about the player character and will try to set a trap for them in some way. As you may or may not know the rail-road tries to be extremely secretive, so if they found out that the character works for the rail-road and for example finds the rail-road HQ they try to hide so well they will send an agent to bargain with the leader which in this case is Desdemona. After blackmailing them into for example giving away the location of their HQ to the institute or helping them give one of their top agents in... well tough choice but i mean you know how it would end up. Like give one agent away or all of the agents and their beloved HQ they worked their asses off to hide ? Easy right ;)


Desdemona would then give the player a 'mission' to go out and save a synth in a specific location (Obviously make the mission/quest seem like its not a trick xD). The player would then go and try to retrieve the synth, however then find out it was a trick and get knocked out/ gassed whatever and then kidnapped and taken to their HQ (At this point i was think their HQ could be placed somewhere in the glowing sea so that they are hard to get to or hard to escape due to the radiation. The player would wakeup with their normal clothes on but no weapons, then the situation would be explained in a simple looking cut scene or a conversation you could hear between two characters. Then the player would be handed over to the 'client' and then the story would begin really and the imagination in heads then kick in to discover of what would happen to our players. ( Haven't got any further with the story but obviously the mod would sex heavy, but in a good manner similar to Dark investigation type scenario) So there wouldn't be like random raping from the guard or something every 5 minutes :P.


But yeah it's just a very simple idea but the quest could potentially start by overhearing a conversation that a unique NPC from a settlement has gone missing like the secretary from the Diamond city or something, obviously a silly example but an example none the less :). Also the client that receives you would be random, so he/it ;) could potentially have different fantasies with you etc. 


A very basic idea but i thought i might as-well chip in for an idea if anyone wanted to use it :). I would be happy to write more of the story, dialogue etc. However i am no modder and would be very happy to work with one in order to get this done, and if anyone would be interested to do the modding that would be sweet. Anyway like i said its just an idea.   

(Obviously I know not a lot would be possible without the creation kit)

Thank you for reading :D

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