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[WIP] F4MO - Fallout 4 Male Overhaul

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Welcome to F4MO - CMO for Fallout 4, eventually! Currently we're at Beta (0.5) because there's a hardcoded limit on face texture resolution. I've contacted the F4SE Silverlock team, and it has been added to their list of considerations for future fixes.


That aside, the premise of this mod so far is this - replacing the Young Male and Base Male Albedo (Diffuse), Specular and Normal Maps to increase final render detail for the player character male (and any male you edit using SLM) that uses FaceTypes 1 and 3 (i think those are the right numbers.)


I handpainted over the default male textures with my tablet, completely creating depth, pores, and wrinkling from scratch, for the Young Male. Then, to create the Base male, I transplanted the darkness areas (wrinkles) from the Base albedo, and painted some deeper shadows and used its coloration and neck cap for consistency. Then, I generated new normal maps, and mixed them with the existing ones with increased intensity, to give a much stronger shading effect and show the depth of the pores nicely. The specular wraps it all up with a nice bow, made in correct Fallout 4 material standards (which.. is rare, exceedingly so, sadly, with texture mods so far) by adding a greater amount of detail and using some minor metalness to simulate some of the shinier areas of the human skin.


The resolutions at the moment are the defaults -
1K Diffuse/Albedo
1K Normal
512 Specular

The moment that it becomes possible to change that, I will, but for now those are the limitations.

Here it is without ReShade, any ENB sharpening, or other possible influences on the detail level (besides disabling TAA, which if you don't use ENB or ReShade, I suggest):


And now, here are screenshots with ReShade enabled:







Adobe for Photoshop
Intel for the New DDS Plug-In
Bethesda for Fallout 4

I'd prefer if you didn't alter/redistribute these files without asking - not because I'm a stickler for control on my files, but rather because they're technically incomplete. I still have to alter about 3 texture sets to complete the full male CC spectrum, plus I want to wait until there's no more hard cap on face texture resolution and the CK is out to regenerate all the face textures with the new details for NPCs, before I call it complete.

[[ WHY NOT ON NEXUS YET? ]] - I doubt any of you care about this specific caveat, but I don't feel that the mainstream Nexus has the patience to wait through the Beta period on these files (and I don't have the patience to babysit them) so I'm just keeping it here until the full 1.0 is ready.

Below, here, on LL, or MediaFire Mirror Here (PM me here if it goes down.)

F4MO - Fallout 4 Male Overhaul 0.5.zip

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There we go fixed pics.


EDIT: You should release this in Nexus, alot of people will use it.


I just worry that if I do, people will ask "why is it beta" "why not 2K/4K" every few posts. I'll think about it once I get a chance to go ingame and get more screenshots of it in action, and possibly a comparison shot or two.

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