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Enemies keep dying to get out of sex, Skyre+Defeat surrender problems


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So I'm running Defeat, Sexlab, Alt Death and shit along with Skyre because I like cool perks and fun combat alongside my erotic sexventures. I'v been playing a burly orc chick who wrecks shit and rapes the survivors but a problem has come up: Everyone keeps dying. 

The bleed effect from Skyre's combat continues even if an enemy surrenders meaning they pretty much always die before anyone can get snoo-snoo. Yeah, I can still use Defeat's knockdown mechanics but they seem really fiddly and hard to use when you deal a lot of damage.  


Are there any mods out there that stop DoTs when enemies yield? If so I'm having some trouble finding them.

Any other mods that make enemy surrender easier or more frequent would be kick-ass.  I'm not too worried about mercy mods and stuff -at least not yet- I don't care what they do after they yield as long as they CAN yield. 

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There is an option in Sexlab Matchmaker that allows you to have sex with corpses (targetting a corpse with the "irresistible aura spell" will make the corpse live again immediately to have sex). Have you also tried to make the victim essential with the consolle before fighting? This certainly make them not die anymore, just in time for the snoo-snoo. 

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