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Fallout new vegas crashes because of mod config?

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So i was re-installing everything i had before, and when i had, my game kept crashing, so i disabled each and every thing individually until i found out, it was the mod config menu that did it, so i reinstalled it, i went for the bugfix on the website, i did everything i know of and it still kept crashing.


Please help me, i have the one up to date, and the game works and loads if i dont have it on

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I tried disabling all mods and letting mod configeration menu stay on, and it still crashed, then i enabled all and disabled the mod config menu, and it worked fine, i just dont get it?

Am i missing something, because i think i might need to remove the old version of mod i had, since it remembered all my mods when i reinstalled fallout new vegas?

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I think there is a STEP for installing FNV.

You might have to uninstall and then reinstall following their guidlines.

I have virtually the same issue.

I am reluctant to scrap everything and start over.

I did get the game to play but it fails to recognize  the mods.In attempting to get the mods to work the game now just crashes on startup.


I don't think it is the mods actually.

I suspect it's either  NVSE or something the game needs to run on windows 10.


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