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To all animators of LL community


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Hello, fellow LL'ers,

I hope you all had a good start into 2016.


So, since Microsoft bought Havok, their content tools are no longer available. That is quite bothersome, considering the fact that it effectively breaks the 3DS Max animation production chain. As far as I know, the set of tools you need are "2013.3" (for max'12, that is). I was able to get my hands on the "2013.1" tools. Does anybody know wether a work-around for 2013.1 exists?


Or, since some of the animators on here use Blender, would anyone know of a way to use that to circumvent the HCT?


And, if all else fails, how about getting people that own the proper tools together with those that don't? I mean, not being able to export the animations shouldn't keep anyone from creating them, as long as someone else who does own the proper tools can export them and send them back in the proper file format.


Not only that I have recently gotten back to Skyrim and would love to create some animations (more precisely.. export some animations!!), also I have seen that quite some people have inquired towards solutions to this in the tutorials/rig threads, would be a shame if all that potential was lost due to microsoft being greedy bastards.


Sneaky, sneaky: if anyone still has a HCT 2013.3 or the appropriate one for max'10, might be worth sharing it.. stealthily.


Also, I am aware that I could possibly have missed the one thread that explains how to do all this and makes this thread a very unnecessary thing, please do inform me if that is the case. I would be very grateful.

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Well, I had 2013.1, but it would only create nonsense. Literally looked like stuff straight out of the glowing sea.

But thanks to a very helpful community member, I am now in possession of the right version, which is 2010.2 (for max'10).

Your version should also work perfectly fine, I double checked, the 2011.3 is the one for max'12. I was wrong with assuming it was 2013.3. But, while the 2011.3 needs the hkxcmd workaround, the version I'm now using (2010.2) is able to create .hkx native to Skyrim.


Now I'll just have to figure out how to get AnimObjects to work.

Topic can be closed, I think.

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