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  1. Hello, everything is in the title ^^ I'm importing a new face model and I need to make it compatible with the anims and all so.... Need to create a tri file, and I have no idea about how to do it ^^
  2. By the way, I'll make the textures in one file, that I can do ? It would maybe help for the seams ? @steelpanther24
  3. I mean, I changed the body shape, then go to the Face editor and crashes
  4. Hello, Yes I changed the shape of the body and it worked, only the face crashes :/ So I'm condemned to cut the parts ? :(
  5. Hello everyone, I'm creating a body replacer for FO4 but this one is a little bit special : it's in one piece. I need help to implement it in game in one piece, if it's possible ? I tried more or less and it seems to work but when opening the face editor , I got a CTD. Anybody can help me, please ? You can check the body here, if it works well, I'll probably publish it as ressource, for modders.
  6. Hello everyone, I'm back from a looong break and I would like to ask you guys if you think that could work for skyrim SE, please ? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49311/ By the way, I might be in the wrong section ( sorry ) , so the moderator is free to put my topic where it belongs ^^
  7. A lot of things are possible indeed and it looks awesome. Adding characters, even creatures, animations etc Everything looks possible. It's a dev kit almost, so yeah. I think we're going to have a lot of fun with this !
  8. Alright CPU, tks ! Let's wait, I hope Potential of this is really high I think, they even released Animatios plugins for Maya, Max, a modified version of Cryengine apparently and a big ammount of tools. It's a bit complicated but I really think something big can be done with this game, now.
  9. Don't think there are a lot yet, As I just said, it started. You mean it needs it to have a certain ammount already ?
  10. Hello dear LL community and dear mods, As the new official modding tools of Kingdom come deliverance have arrived and are particulary interesting, I wonder if it would be possible to add it in the list of game for the mods in here, like Fallout, Elder scrolls etc, please ? If there is enough people interested in it, of course. ^^
  11. I totally agree with you ! But they look a bit more complicated than the GECK or CK, for Fallout and Skyrim series. BUT, they give us anims tools and plugins for Maya and Max etc , so... Let's mod
  12. Hey everyone ! If some of you were waiting for this ( like me ) , KCD has his own modding tools released ! a modified version of Cryengine available, maya plugins, 3ds max etc. Ability to create animations, models and all... So, enjoy ! https://www.nexusmods.com/kingdomcomedeliverance/mods/864?tab=description
  13. Hello everyone, I'm trying to import a new knife in game but I don't know how to copy the collision things or what to do really with Nifskope, can somebody help me, please ? Thank you in advance ! :)
  14. As i usually use clothes and armors i make myself, I suppose it wouldn't be a real problem for the hands. And I use ' unique player mod" So technically, I could let them linked to the body, right ? So the real problem is for the head and the back of the head. It means I'll have to retexture them too. So basically, if i use the head and headrear as base, in Zbrush, I link them, make new high poly version for the normal maps baking, to make uniform normals to limit the seams, do the body and hands, separate them from the head and rear after. Retopology and UV for the body, Substance painter with the four parts of the body, well 3 because of the linked hands and boom. You think that could works ?
  15. Hello everyone, I'm looking for some tutorial or any help to implement a new body i'm currently modeling. How to separate the parts of the body without creating seams etc ? Or maybe to put the entire body without separation ? No matters if I have to do every armor, I'd rather do that than creating a body with seams ^^ Is it possible ?
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