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Princess' Devious Workshop (strapless gags, padlocked shoes)

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Feel free to use them any way you want but please remember to credit me and/or the original authors if applicable!

I've been digging through my personal repository and it occurred to me that I'm actually producing like LOTS of random stuff that never sees the light of internet, mostly because I don't consider them polished or significant enough to deserve an official release. Not to mention permission and asset usage issues I don't always feel like dealing with.

HOWEVSERS I've been known to drop quick proof-of-concepts, modifications and other small stuff when I feel like it, but at this point they're all over the forums and I don't think I'll ever find them again!

So I decided to open this! A repository dedicated to whatever random side-projects I happen to spawn in the process of working on actual mods. Consider this Princessity's... public... brain... scrapyard... thing OKAY I'm going to shut up now.


It's dedicated to the Devious Devices family of mods for now because that's.what I usually work on. It may expand in the future, or it may not, dunnuh.


ANYWAYS! here's what's available here so far:

Deviously Strapless Gags


This is just a strapless mesh replacer for simple (the ones without a harness) gags from Devious Devices. It's a very tiny edit that removes the vertical strap underneath the chin. Why would I do that, you might ask? Because I play a lot of elves! In fact, predominantly elves and the gags were obviously modelled for human jawlines. As the result, the vertical strap tends to look so loose that it becomes redundant. My modification addresses the redundancy by removing that strap.


This affects both leather (Assets) and ebonite (Expansion) gags, as well as all colour variants.


To install, simply unpack the mslDDReplacers.7z archive with Mod Organiser or whatever else you're using.
And if you're installing it manually, you know what to do (at least one would hope so!)


The mod contains only meshes, edited using 3ds Max and Nifskope. It contains no textures and no esp files. Obviously you need Devious Devices Assets, Devious Devices Integration and Devious Devices Expansion.

Padlocked Xinafay Shoes (HDT or NiO)

Xinafay shoes modified to have padlocks instead of buckles. Requires textures from Xinafay High Heels and Devious Devices Assets.

These are provided as MODDERS RESOURCES. The archive isn't install-ready although if you have any version/conversion of Xinafay shoes, you could replace the original files with these meshes.


Zadil, the original author of the meshes I modified <3
Coopervane, the one who turned leather into shiny! <3
All the Devious Devs who have created and continue to produce content for my favourite series of Skyrim mods <3
Xinafay, shoes <3
Nightasy for his modelling tutorials <3
Autodesk (3ds Max)


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Woot, that bottom strap always looked off to me too. Im not playing an elf right now but just never liked it. Honestly I had no idea what this mod did because the name, Maybe you could add in the title somewhere "strapless simple gags" or something~ looks like good work though, I'll try it out soon :)

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Thank you for the suggestion! I just added a brief preview to the title. I was afraid it would take too much space but it looks okay.


Also: uploaded another bunch of old meshes. This time Xinafay shoes with DD padlocks. Originally the meshes were meant for Devious Devices Expansion but I ended up abandoning the project halfway through. The Nifs I provided are usable in game but they never got their own textures so they use Xinafay's and DD Assets original textures as placeholders (you need tetures from both mods installed).


If anyone feels like using or improving these, please do! Just remember to credit Zadil and Xinafay.

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Nice idea but I don't take requests ^^


Things I upload here are more "side effects" of bigger stuff I work on that I didn't get to use in the final product, abandoned WIPs and occasional small mods that I simply don't feel deserve a separate release.


Still, I enjoy gathering ideas. I never guarantee I'll follow up on any of them but it's nice to have something in my brain that I may someday use for some purpose. In some way.

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