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Question about CLS Ultimate Edition Beta


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As you can probably see, http://www.loverslab.com/topic/11008-download-section-for-cls-ultimate/The files necessary to get this beta Ultimate edition are not available anymore.


I know that the Ultimate edition hasn't had updates in quite a while it seems, and I don't know if it'll ever reach a finished stage, which is understandable, quite a lot of work was put into the complete editions as it is. But having beaten the complete editions I was still curious to see what this beta after quest mode looked like, wanted to play around with it and such.


So my question is, does anyone know if there's a place, or a way to fetch the necessary files for this beta Ultimate edition?



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The file you are trying to access is no longer available publicly which means the author of the files Grumpf has hidden them. Could be many reasons why. Like too many people downloading it thinking it's part of the mod instead of downloading it for beta testing. Could be that they no longer need any beta testers. You would have to PM them as see as they would be the only person to know what is what with the files.

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I thought it was the test version for the Gold edition.

Ultimate edition: latest post and file 3 Jan 2014

Latest Gold edition update 12 Jan 2015


The gold edition is the latest and biggest version of CLS.


Oh? I thought the Ultimate edition was the one with the after quest mode, and the gold edition just ended with the story.


Also myuhinny I guess you're correct on that. Oh well, thanks for the answer :)

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Not sure never used it. I was just  going off of what the download page was showing. If the download was no longer there and needed to be reuploaded I think it would say something else instead of *The file you are trying to access is no longer available publicly.* With that is shows that the author has hidden them. It could be that everything has been beta tested for it for the time being and there isn't anything left till more becomes available or they hid it to keep any and everyone from downloading it as there are a lot of people who download first then ask WTF is wrong with my game later. Or it could be something else.

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