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Skyrim DLC Unofficial Patches


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There's a workaround for the Skyproc issue right in the other thread.


There is nothing wrong with USKP 2.1.2. The only thing that is having problems with the new patch right now is skyproc.


Arthmoor has posted this as a work around if your using skyproc.





Recently, with Version 2.1.2 of the Unofficial Skyrim Patch, SkyProc and certain older versions of Mod Organizer have started malfunctioning when attempting to read the USKP.


The root cause is a mismatch in the integer size for indices for things like the ONAM record in a Master module's header. The game itself, the CK, and a variety of other mod utilities read it as a 32-bit integer, but SkyProc and the old versions of MO are set to use a 16-bit integer.


With the release of USKP 2.1.2, the ONAM subrecord count in its ESMified header is now at an unprecedented 18102, which is apparently too large to fit in the 16-bit integer; with 2^14 (or 16384) available values x 4 (2^2) for each record overwritten, the index size has less than the space needed for 18102 ONAM subrecords. This results in the malfunctioning behavior now seen with SkyProc patchers and older versions of MO.


This is not the USKP's fault. Its ONAM record is now unprecedentedly huge, but still within the limits of (most importantly) the Skyrim engine itself, and a myriad of other mod utilities. The SkyProc development team are hard at work solving this problem, and Mod Organizer had already released versions with the proper 32-bit integer recognized.


Ogerboss is heading up the effort to fix the SkyProc problem, and if you have Requiem, you can participate in the fix testing by following this link: https://requiem.atlassian.net/wiki/display/RD/2015/06/28/Requiem+1.9+and+the+latest+USKP+patch


There is a temporary workaround to restore SkyProc functionality with USKP 2.1.2, formulated by Axonis, and requiring some operational knowledge of TES5Edit to perform:


1. Install TES5Edit.

2. Install the new Unofficial Skyrim Patch 2.1.2.

3. Start TES5Edit and select the Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esp only.

4. Wait until the message log states "Background Loader: finished".

5. Select and delete the entire Cell group. Click yes on both warnings to do so.

6. Close TES5Edit and click OK to save the modified Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esp.

7. Run your Skyproc-based patcher.

8. IMPORTANT: As a final step, you MUST reinstall the original Unofficial Skyrim Patch 2.1.2. As Arthmoor said: "for the love of Talos, don't forget to put back the proper version once you're done! BAD THINGS™ happen otherwise."


Once the SkyProc team gets an official fix out, all the various modders who made patcher apps with it will need to recompile theirs to work properly. If you use such a patcher, do note the urgency of the problem in that mod's comments thread. An official fix is already being tested by Requiem users and should be out soon. MO users should update to the latest version already available.


And finally, The Unofficial Patch Project team will not be rolling back the official released version to 2.1.1. It is counteractive to the very nature of the Unofficial Patch Project's mission.


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Does anyone have the last version of the unofficial patches? I deleted mine when updating and forgot about the current issue with skyproc and now I can't patch... :(


If you still need them pm me, I have them on backup


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