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So..... I'm back again ;)


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But what have I been doing? Well......


Real life took hold for a while, and I had to do some big people stuff  :P


Seriously though, I spent a lot of time modding Skyrim. But what was I modding for Skyrim?


This: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/52556/?


As some of you may recall, about a year ago I wanted to build a very large worldspace for my races to inhabit. Using Breti's resource, I've heavily modified many of the worldspace areas to give my races their own homes, suited to their particular traits/abilities. There are currently two ways to get to the new worldspace, which I renamed to Atmora (you can read the lore behind it on the TES Wiki. Suffice to say, I've managed to "unfreeze" the continent except for one area).


One method is to get the simple pair of teleport spellbooks I've added to a couple of areas around Skyrim. Like on the table just outside the LAL starting cell in the Abandoned Prison, and on top of the crate in the alcove near the Whiterun main gate. The other is via a quest that you get from the courier as soon as you hit Riverwood (or any other city/town), which is probably more for those slightly higher than level one  ;)


The spellbook method is easiest for level one to five characters. But it has it's own little twist. I don't want to spoil it, so I'll just tell you that you'll REALLY want to have some lockpicks on you before teleporting  :D


Some of you may also recall a race I started building a couple of years ago called The Broken. This race is basically a mixed bag of assets I put together, and tied to a backstory connected loosely to the Oblivion Crisis. Well, it's pretty much finished, and has been fully integrated into Atmora. Throughout the worldspace you'll encounter NPCs of many of my races, each in the form of it's own ESP module that adds them to the worldspace, so you can choose to use any or all of them. The following races are currently fully integrated:




Frost Elves




I'm in the process of adding these as well:


Daedric Elves

Daughters of Coldharbour






Moonshadow Elves

Nidia (after rebuild)


and a few new races as well:



Chocolate Elves



Using Breti's resource has saved me tons of time. But I'm still a little ways off from release. I'm shooting for releasing this before the Christmas holiday this year. Likely sometime between Halloween and Christmas. At least that's the plan  :P


Anyhoo...... here's some screenies of some of the new scenery, as well as a few of the races I've mentioned above:










I'll post more later as I get more work and testing done  ;)



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Thanks Slammer.....


So I did something that broke my Skyrim  :dodgy:


I updated SKSE to the latest, and it did something to RaceCompatibility. And now I can't compile race controller scripts. But whatever...... I needed to build a fresh Data folder anyway. I had far too many mods that I really never used  :P



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Thanks Slammer.....


So I did something that broke my Skyrim  :dodgy:


I updated SKSE to the latest, and it did something to RaceCompatibility. And now I can't compile race controller scripts. But whatever...... I needed to build a fresh Data folder anyway. I had far too many mods that I really never used  :P



Right there with ya. I basically played Skyrim awhile, then got taken away by real life, felt detached so I played other games, and now I've got Oblivion all set up and ready to go, loading in mods to play it for the first time, (I hated vanilla Oblivion when I played years ago, but it's getting much more playable just through modding...strangely, Darnified UI is honestly the change that makes me feel like I want to play it more than I did originally). So it'll be awhile before I get back to Skyrim, and by that time, I'm gonna have to THOROUGHLY clean that data folder lol. Probably just delete the whole game and re-install, because I know I threw stuff directly in that data without a mod manager at times.... :D

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So uh... "before the Christmas holiday this year" never happened I take it?
Apologies for the necromancy here, but I couldn't find a more recent post from Trykz. I was super excited when I bookmarked this and now that I remembered it was a thing, the lack of updates is pretty saddening.

Guess you never got those updated scripts to work then? The last Steam update broke compiling for me, too, so I have no idea what half of us are gonna do at this point :(

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