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I'm missing a couple of mods, and I'm hoping someone on the site has copies of them they can reupload; or at least point me to a download link that DOESN'T lead back NEXUSMODS.

Sorry, for yelling, but I've just Googled for hours, and I'm getting discouraged and frustrated: The only links to these four mods are....

  • obviously sketchy malware-laden pages which causes my virus checker to freak out whenever I browse them.
  • Nexusmods, with their hand out, demanding £14.99 from me.

I'd rather avoid both, all things considered.


Does anyone have any of these mods?


  • Yukichigai Unofficial Patch
  • Daughters of Ares (so that L.E.A.N.E. mod will work.)
  • Children of the Wasteland (so that the Meyla the Berzerker mod will work)
  • Sarah Weintraub Companion

UPDATE: NVM, I have these mods now.


I guess if anyone out there has any mods/files/addons they can't find anywhere else, this could be the thread they can use to post requests in.



If so, a re-upload (or, failing that, a working, trustworthy, non-Nexusmods link) would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance,


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