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[idea] Walk of Atonement (Game of thrones inspired)


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Okay so whoever saw the last episode of GOT will know about the Walk of Atonement


It would be great if this could get implemented into Skyrim.


If you have a bounty, you can go before a priest to have it removed by the Nines Blessings 


after you confessed your sins (crime) you will be let go, but first you must do the "Walk of Atonement"


A priest announces the sins that you committed in front of the whole city, as you stand there in ragged robes.


To become pure again you must walk naked through the city while the citizens hurl insults at you and your body..



What does everyone think about this?


I'd love to see it in game...


and yes I know that the prison overhaul has a similar thing, I just think this is far more humiliating 

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