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ECE slider lag


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I've got freshly installed Skyrim with all mods neatly organised. Somehow my game suffers terrible lags (like 0,5 sec) when moving any ECE slider. I already did some research founding out that this might be either skeleton problem (I've got newest XPMSE and HDT running) or a face gen issue. How to fix such thing? I'd rather stay with the latest XPMSE version since it fixes various collision issues. I don't think my ECE is polluted either.

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In the end it was the SKSE.ini. I installed the high-res Vertex Map for ECE and had to add iTintTextureResolution=2048 to SKSE's .ini file and this somehow was causing all the problems. I don't know if it's whether because my rig is kind of old or because I didn't set the other values properly.


Anyway, I have finally solved it!

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