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Bodyslide preset won't show up...

Lord Ariakas

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Hi all,



I have a little problem, I am playing with bodyslide for quite a while now, and I found this today:  




I wanted to install just the bodyslide preset, I am using it trough MO. My old preset is there, it is working, but when I try this new preset to install it just doesn't want to show up.

I found that folder where is my old preset, if I delete it it will disappear from bodyslide too. I copied this new preset next to it, but still it won't show up.

I tried to copy it to he bodyslide folder, to the overwrite folder, no avail.


Is anybody can help me with this how I need to install this preset to show up in Bodyslide?

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The distributed preset isn't assigned to any group, meaning it will only show up for the "CBBE Body" set, as that's the one it was saved with.

You can either select the preset there and re-save it to e.g. the CBAdvanced group, or add those entries to the XML file manually.

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