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I didn't test it for compatibility with SD+. However the PetCollar is based on Devious Devices framework and has all the needed scripts and keywords to be compatible with any similar mod, so I'm not sure why this happened.

Maybe SD+'s author will have a better answer. :-/

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I didn't test compatibility of SD+ with Pet Collar either. 


SD does not always remove the collar at the end of enslavement. 


Check with a blacksmith and ask them to remove your collar.


If that doesn't work, a log file when trying to remove the collar using a smith would be helpful to see what is going on.

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I have pet collar mode enabled. So when my character gets enslaved, she gets pet collar on her. When however she gets out of slavery, this collar doesn't come off, though I get message that the collar is removed.


I feel like this mode isn't meant to go with SD+, is it?


Thank you in advance!


If it is a plain pet collar as opposed to a keyless pet collar, it just needs a regular key. I haven't encountered pet collar when enslaved but have received other plain collars from cursed loot which could not be removed while enslaved, but which unlocked after gaining freedom. Usually, I get the ugly iron collar, gut have gotten the harness collar and the posture collar.


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