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Mod help? elf replacmen


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So im really really trying to play and enjoy skyrim. I remember loving oblivion but theres so many things with skyrim that just makes me stop playing the game. One of the things is that i personally think that the elves and just the regular characters in general are all ugly and it really takes me out of the immersion. This probably is not a possible mod without a ton of work on someones end, but im hoping there is some way to replace all of the regular in game elves with either new meshes and texures, or just replace them with other elf races overall like the Cute elves race or something similer to this 




Does anyone have any idea how to do so? Thank you in advance

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Well, you can look a view topics down for the topic on NPC overhauls. I use Inhabitants of Skyrim along with sidearmf's NPCs and I quite like the results. It won't do anything for NPCs from other mods, but sometimes those get beautification mods too.

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Vanilla elves can be modded  but the key is morph files in *.tri* ext, that holds different phoneme\expression morphs of the face.That is a lot of manual work if not using face capture hardware. 
I tried to explain it very short.Technically it is very long process , thus there is only 2 little mods for this  ECE\RM.   

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