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[Request] Chaurus Hunter Armor


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Hello guys,


I am working on a mod where the player becomes chaurus queen able to summon these creatures and curropt other wildlife to make them fight for her and so on. Obviously it is all done through breeding and laying eggs but the system is more complicated so I wont get into too much detail but one of the features of the mod is a slow transformation from human (or whatever) to a hybrid chaurus-humanoid creature.


Since I lack the skills I hope that someone here can assist me in chaurus bodyparts and so on appear on the character to a final transformation that kind of looks like this:



for example on her back you could put the chaurus hunter wings, some antenna's on her head and so on.

So can anyone help me?

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Hello. You should create these parts as Armors. Assign to them the correct body slots.

And then just do an PlayerRef.EquipItem(oneOfTheArmors, True)


I have no skills in creating meshes. So I cannot help on this.

But if you find/build the meshes, then I can help on setting them in the CK and in your mod.


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Well I was really looking for more than just sticking some antennas or wings but some nice meshes going around a body and if possible boots/gauntlets and some kind of slime drape around the waist similar to the mod I mentioned.


I guess as a last resort I could just stick chaurus bodyparts as some kind of "armor" but I hope to find someone that actually knows what they are doing and make something much prettier than I could ever make on my own.

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Well the gods of perversion seem to have answered this one personally, though it needs to be available to more body types (UNPB & CBBE) with pregnancy support so most players can use this.



worst case scenario people will need to live with my terrible bodyslider studio skills, haha, but thanks man this armor pretty much fulfills every role I need.

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