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There are two mods that I can't live without: Hunterborn and Submit. Hunterborn, for anyone that hasn't heard of it, is a mod that allows your character to skin and butcher the animals you hunt. It has a progressive skill system that allows your character to harvest better ingredients or skin higher quality pelts from animals the more you do it. Submit is a Sexlab mod that allows the player to rape/be raped by enemies after combat. If the player falls victim to a humanoid foe, they are stripped of their gear and gold and must break free of their bonds and run before they are assaulted again.


I enjoy the synergy these mods have (run from bandits into the woods, forage for items to make simple weapons, hunt to feed yourself or get resources to re-equip your character), but I've run into an issue. I want to be able to take a pelt from a fox, wolf, or goat and fashion some simple fur clothing without needing a tanning rack. I can't find any mods that do this, and I think it's silly that I can make crude bows and knives from firewood and rocks but not even fashion a loincloth after skinning 3 bears.


I'm not a modder and haven't the foggiest how to go about this. Whether as an add-on for Hunterborn's crafting system or as a stand-alone thing for the cavemen and cavewomen RPers, I'd like to throw this idea into the community and see if anyone wants to run with it. Or, alternatively, if this mod exists and my Google-fu was weak, please point me in the right direction. Thank you in advance.


TL;DR Anyone up for making a mod that allows naked people to kill animals and turn them into underwear on the fly?

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I iove Frostfall, but it's heavy on scripts and can seriously lag papyrus, not to mention running through a cold area naked will kill a character faster than a troll. I appreciate the suggestion, but I'm still interested in a solution that doesn't involve a tanning rack.


EDIT - A quick Google search brought me the perfect image for what I'm picturing.






EDIT 2 - Nevermind. I didn't realize just how close Frostfall was to having this concept. You can indeed make fur armor without needing a tanning rack. I'll just find an armor replacer to make it more revealing. Thanks all

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