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Player unique body and armor - "Special Snowflake" [WIP]


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This is a project I'm working on which will let the player use separate meshes and/or textures for both body, skin and armors. It is a SkyProc patcher that creates a mod which duplicates each playable race. These races will use unique meshes and textures for both body and armors where available.


Unique mesh path: "meshes\unique\<original path of whatever mesh you wish to be unique for the player>"

Unique texture path: "textures\unique\<original path of whatever textures you wish to be unique for the player>"



RaceCompatibility for Skyrim and Dawnguard


I wouldn't recommend using this mod for actual gameplay yet. Cuz you know, there will be bugs, and Skyrim.


Download here


I hope the description is clear (even if very short) otherwise feel free to ask.


Testing and feedback would be awesome. Thanks!







Change log:


Version 0.3:

Fixed several texture issues.


Version 0.2:

Fixed not being able to select hair and eyes for unique races.

Fixed bsa content loading.

Vanilla races are no longer unplayable. You can instead select a vanilla race or a unique race.


Version 0.1:



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Hey, I'm the author of this mod. This is a new account. Thank you for showing interest! :D

I lost interest in this mod when I got no feedback and at the time I also had some real life issues that I've finally dealt with. I just saw your replies and it got me a bit excited to try again. :)

I know for sure now that SkyProc is not needed. It is possible to equip a hidden armor on top of the currently worn armor (I believe this method is used in Break Undies Plus) to hide the original armor mesh and show a custom mesh. This means that no custom race is needed, and also it should be possible to apply the same logic as in the SkyProc patcher to look for custom meshes and textures in a skse plugin, which I have been successful at writing before (I'm also the author of "Passive Weapon Enchantment Recharging" on Nexus).

You can use the SkyProc patcher with uskp or usleep if you make a back-up of the esp and remove all the cell records in TES5Edit, then run the patcher and finally restore the back-up esp when done. Unfortunatly I have no idea how to fix it any other way. :(



Edit1: Stuff

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I'm hunting for something like this again. ^_^ If you're still around here. I always like having Yuni having bigger jugs than anyone else, so if you update this, I will be happy. If it works with Lykaios anyways. x3

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