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Raped Save games, My thoughts


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0. We all pretty much have learned, those of us that have played for awhile to make a backup save before even considering playing a new mod.

1.   One of the most troublesome Problems I see in some mod's is how they will take Items from the players inventory, Often taking Items that will destroy Quest's, or were really tough to aquire or took a lot of questing time to Obtain.

2. many people will Barrelly understand the MCM commands, and I quite often don't fully understand what the modder is saying about some tick that will keep you from losing Item's, and some Modders don't even offer an Option.

 And I am sure some start playing a mod before considering these things. Also if they are new they might not even understand the importance of making a backup save.

3. I like these mod's so is not a rave about them( Is Only and example ), SDPlus can total some things with the thing where the Owner pilfers around in your inventory ( also if make mistake and un install with out making it to SD world, and the chest there to re aquire your Items ).

 Maria is a total disaster your Save game will probably never recover from what is done in it.  There are others, And I like both of those mods I mentioned, (they are just examples).

   As for DA yes you might be able to buy the stuff back, if you are not enslaved, and the time has not expired. And you have money to get it with, and you studied the MCM enough to extend the time for retrival to as far as it will let you, but there is a time limit.

   I have lost stuff in DA. when I first used it, and sense have learned better how to manage its tick's, but It has problems anyway, and it for me, mostly only installed if a mod requires it.

   As items can be placed in some mods into an NPC that may well be killable, and the NPC might also be one that respawns, but it will probably respawn with out your stuff, If killed and you dont'd find them in time, all is gone.
Some of the problem comes from and Item removed that you don't even know is needed for a quest, and maybe miss the pop up where it was taken.

 4. Other problems are for newer player, that tried the mod for awhile, enjoyed it, then removed it, did a save cleaning, and felt everthing was okay.

 But it was not okay, and now there save game begins to melt down, and maybe it is three mods down the line latter when these problems begin to get so bad that they CTD all the time, and They start blaming some other poor modder for the problem that they got 2 month's ago from another mod, that thought it was cool to take any item they wanted from the Players inventory.

5. It sometime's really ruins immersion, as I will be wandering around, and see some Ingredient, and pick it think, yes I need those, I better gather them, and place them in my Barrel at my home, I can use them Latter.

  But then I think "Well flitter!" I have to go back to and earlier save when I am done with this, and all that will be gone. I guess no point in getting that after all.

  Or Kool I just got a new dragon word, Finally I have all three of those Great! Oop's! I have to go back to that earlier save. It won't be there. Oh well!

  Or Kool I got the best enchanting elixor in the game, I will have to save this, and use it latter on a weapon I really want to get a great enchantment on. Oop's! I have to go back to that earlier save. all this will be gone.


  Or Wow! I just got another level, I can finally bump that really kool Skill up to where I was wanting it. Oh! Darn I have to go back to that earlier save, I will have to do all this over again.
6.  It just gets worse, and worse, and I don't think enough thought by some modder is put into just how much trouble taking Items from a player inventory, that have nothing to do with there mod can cause or maybe they don't care, I prefer to think it is the first point.

7.  In Oblivion you could just flag Quest items in the player inventory, and they would be invisible, but they were still there, I have never found such a neat trick in skyrim, it may be there, but I have not found it, anyway if it does exist in skyrim this would be a better alternative.

8.  Point is Mods that do this are really only good for playing that mod. They have taken anything else you could do in the game away. As you can not continue the save, because the mod has totaled it.

9. I am sure many think I am ranting I am not, I like so many mods that do this pilaging of the inventory, And I will continue to Play many of them.


  I just wish they did not pillage the inventory, as in a way it remove's much of the game or makes much of the game useless to try and do while you are playing there mod, as it will all be gone when you uninstall the mod, and return to the earlier save, which you have no choice but to do, because continuing on in that save would be a disaster.

  So doing anything other than what that Mod has to offer is useless, and really has no point.


10. I am hoping that no one takes Offense at this, I was just thinking maybe some modders of these game's might consider the points I am making, and possibly re-look at there Idea's, and see if they could make there mod less destructive to the Save game file, making there Mod so much more a part of the whole game, and less of a stand alone component.

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At-least 7 of your points relate to something being taken from your inventory, what pissed you off so much? xD

Why couldn't you just give that item back to yourself? 

Are you sure you read the mod descriptions? It probably states somewhere if they take things from your inventory :)


Also yes, you are ranting a bit :)

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Okay if you say so.


 But I thought what I was talking about was the problem that you cannot continue with the same save, as the one for that mod totaled it.


   No problem with mod's, as I have a backup save, so I was not going to lose anything. I sort of think you did not really read it that closely.



EDIT the Item loosing is not so much the problem, but the corruption to the save game, making quest's un finishable, possibly leaving the quest in you jounral permently as it can no longer be finished. Eventually leaving error's to the log for quests that cannot fire, alias's that nolonger exist.


   The save Game is useless after the operations from the mod.  Meaning you will always have to return to and earlier save. Nothing you do while in that mod will ever serve any need in your main game.

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Skyrim already will not allow a Player to get a new Quest if a Player has too many Open Quests. I have run into this playing with Devious Devices while playing through the College of Winterhold Questlines.

The Golden Claw gets removed from the Game by a Mod, what happens to the Journal Entry?

Being stuck hanging in a scene because the Quest can not trigger that causes the scene to end is annoying, and reloading an Autosave or three will not fix the problem the character has.

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I like all these mods, I play them, and have wonderful fun with them, and I will continue to have fun with all of the mods that I enjoy, I was just thinking that maybe if I mentioned it, some modders might re look at there Mod, and maybe re-check if they actually have to take all these things or not to still have a good mod.


  Many of them may well decide that they have to, and continue as they have. I have no problem with that. I have made mod's I know how troublesome it is to try and make them compatable with everything, there is just no way.


  But If maybe they did look and came up with a safer way to keep the save game intact (  if after finishing there mod, and deciding to move on if a lot of things that I had done while using there mod would not have to be redone ). It would be nice.


   I am always Pro Modder, having dealt with the many problems involved in making mod's, I have no problems if no one listen's or considers possible changes to there mod to alleviate save game inconsistancy's.. I just thought it would be nice, and maybe worth mentioning.

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Sense removal is quite often nessesary in Sexlab mod's one possible fix might be to have Ashal set up an array storage box (Built into Sexlab it's self), that all Modders could access to store player Items in. IN the Sexlab MCM there could be a retrival method for the player. and it could also be accessed by the modder.


  Modders could use this Box to place all removed player Items a sexlab function could be used for this storage.


  Sense Sexlab would always be one of the last things you removed (and then if your following instructions after making a save before removing), or ZAZ for that matter could be used. These are mod's that are normally not removed on a whim.


   These stored items would be in a place that would not desolve after the Mod was removed ( the Items would still be there), and the player could still retrieve there Items in that case (Quest Items being the Most important), It would seem to be a possible solution or access that might even help the Modder as well.


  How ever Ashal is over worked already, but it would be a nice addition as well as a very useful function call.

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